Commentary Looking for a Fellow Narrator to Collab on a Short Story Compilation

Dice Rollen

Loving YTtalk
I'd like to host a collab of my for Valentine's Day with short horror stories themed for the holiday. I've got the stories picked out, there are six total. The idea is that we each do three stories & I'll put them together in the video so it switches from one to the other. A story you narrated then one I narrated & so forth.
The only requirements I have are:
  • You need to have a good quality mic(I'd like to hear a sample of it, like from a previous video or something like that)
  • It would be good if we had about the same number of subscribers (300 or 400)
  • You need to have previous narration videos otherwise it won't fit well with your content & audience
  • 20+ years old, please
If you'd like to collab on this with me then feel free to comment here or send me an email (