1. TwoTakes

    "This scene of a robotic cat humping a dead woman's corpse on the floor, it's not right." Date Movie

    Here is ourdiscussion/ therapy session after we watched number 97 on the IMDB Worst 100 list: Date Movie (2006), enjoy!
  2. TwoTakes

    Which of your videos are you most proud of and why?

    For me I'm probably thinking possibly our first ever video because we had no idea what we were doing and its kind of amazing we even finished making it. Its not our best video, but it was very exciting when we finished making it and its funny looking back on it now- each bit of it was a new step...
  3. TwoTakes

    Youtube Truisms

    Seeing as everyone here has such great advice to give, I thought it would be fun (and educational yay) to take wise old sayings- aka truisms- and give them a Youtube flavoured twist! I'll kick things off with a couple of my own: (you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink) You...
  4. TwoTakes

    New series, feedback please! Reviewing IMDB's Worst 100 Movies- #100

    Hi! We are a film/ TV review channel, specialising in bad films, indie films and cult classics. We have, up until this point, been creating videos that are scripted, but with this video, we have now tried our hand at a different style of review- which is more of a relaxed, unscripted...
  5. TwoTakes

    Our review of Broken Arrow-the explosion filled cheese-fest movie from 1996. Please give us feedback

    Hi YT, we are Twotakes and we review films in a way that is hopefully fun and informative at the same time! Today we are looking for some feedback on our latest review of a film called Broken Arrow. Do you like the length of the video, did you find it entertaining and are there any areas we...
  6. TwoTakes

    Please give us feedback on a comedic review of a terrible movie

    We would love some feedback on our latest video- we are pretty happy with the way it turned out, however we are having difficulty growing our subscriber base- please could you let us know how we can improve our videos to make it more engaging for a potential subscriber.
  7. TwoTakes

    Comedy Review of a Terrible Film about Vikings! Pathfinder (2007)

    Hey YTalk, Not posted a video in this thread before, we're a film and TV reviewing channel and have been working really hard the last 6 months, learning lots along the way! We have three types of show on our channel, this one is for our show 'Bargain Bin Blunder' where we find a really cheap...
  8. TwoTakes

    A 3 min Review of an Anime show called One Punch Man. Please- feedback needed!

    Hi there everybody, thanks for taking a look! We would love to hear your thoughts on our latest video. We are looking for feedback on the various areas of production such as the sound quality and the editing and also what you thought of the actual review- they most important thing to us is- is...
  9. TwoTakes

    Please review our list of the Best TV Shows to Binge On

    Hey everybody, this is our first attempt at a list style video- its also the first time we've had another youtuber feature in a video, so would love some general feedback on how it flows and whether it keeps your interest- we have got great advice from this forum in the past and are excited to...
  10. TwoTakes

    Please review our 2 Min Movie Review of an amazing bad film called Samurai Cop

    Hi! Any feedback generally- especially the music, editing and the flow as these are the areas we have been focusing on improving recently. Thanks guys, you're awesome =]
  11. TwoTakes

    1 min film review: Cyclops + Billy Bob Thornton team up to fight a bear... How could it go wrong?

    This video is a new one for us as we are experimenting with a much shorter more succinct review style than our previous videos which have been more in depth. Sooo in general any comments about how you found the video would be much appreciated! Thanks Yttalk- you guys are awesome!
  12. TwoTakes

    Please review our new video film review! ! We will do a review back for anyone who wants!

    Hi yttalk! Really excited to hear your thoughts on our new video- we have posted here quite a few times before and every time we have got great advice that we have implemented to our next video. Like I said in the title- I'm very happy to review anyone's channel/videos in return- just let us...
  13. TwoTakes

    Ideas/ help please with short intro

    Hi YTTalk! We are really looking for advice and ideas for an intro for our video series Bargain Bin Blunder. We want something simple that non-verbally explains in 5 seconds or less the premise of our show: - we (a couple) go to a charity shop and get a very cheap dvd we have never heard of...
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