New series, feedback please! Reviewing IMDB's Worst 100 Movies- #100


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Oct 28, 2015
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Bristol, UK
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We are a film/ TV review channel, specialising in bad films, indie films and cult classics.

We have, up until this point, been creating videos that are scripted, but with this video, we have now tried our hand at a different style of review- which is more of a relaxed, unscripted discussion. This is to allow us to upload more regularly as the scripted vids take a few weeks to make and we want to have some content to put out in-between.

We have tried to keep the pace up by editing it down so hopefully it will keep your interest. We would really appreciate some feedback on how you find the style of video and whether there are any points of improvement we could make for the next video.

Thank you for your time- we really do get so much help from feedback on this forum!

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