1. Seiger Seigsta

    Need Help With Tags/Getting Videos Ranking High And Noticed

    Hello everyone i would like to put out that i am decent with youtube experience but this is my trouble ive had for quite some time ive used apps/websites for finding the best tags but it still does not help. I am still unsure about what i am doing wrong. anyone got any advice or tips?
  2. AshtheMonster

    100 subs!

    I got past 100 subscribers and am 6 away from 150! I know in the scheme of things it is a small milestone, but I am extremely proud of it regardless. Especially since I don't have exceptionally high views, which means that a lot of the people who see my videos subscribe or are subscribed. Which...
  3. M

    New to the Streaming game, general advice needed.

    Hey guys! Like my title said, i'm new to the streaming life. I recently started live streaming gaming and so far im up to 97 subs in little over a month. I'm trying to figure out how to get stronger traffic to my channels and my live streams and the first thing i can think of is the Tags. what...
  4. ToysForKids

    Comparing our video to a competitor's video

    Our: Video: watch?v=LVnK0bPlsJI Tags: videos for kids toys for kids for kids kids toys lego race plane 60144 plane 60144 lego race plane 60144 kids toys lego race plane children toy kids toy channel toy review kids video kids youtube video lego city race plane instructions lego speed build...
  5. MitchKFrancis

    Just a guy wanting to learn SEO

    Hey peeps, So I'm getting to the point where I really want to start diving into SEO and to be honest, I don't really know where to start. I'm trying to learn how to tag my videos and rank them and I'm only having minimal success. Anyone out there who can give me specific tips that worked for them?
  6. UnicycleFight

    How much does it help using super specific tags that rank really high?

    So if you use a very specific long winded tag and it's ranked #1 does it really help you if its THAT specific? What are the chances of someone finding it? Does it give you some kind of bump for having high rankings in general?
  7. Lucy81272892

    Keyword and tagging....

    Hi guys :) quick question when you're inputting keywords either for your videos or your channel itself how much time would you say is sufficient enough to wait to see how your keywords are working.....also is it terrible to change your videos or channels keywords often.....should you pick a set...
  8. javacentral

    Tag tips?

    So I got tubebuddy and somehow got really stinkin good tags on one of my videos to get over 1000 views (Yahoo!!) but having that be a consistent thing isn't easy. Any tips on continuously getting good tags?
  9. Amphioen

    Should I tag my videos in multiple languages?

    I was wondering if tagging in multiple languages might help my videos getting found. Or am I just setting people up for dissapointment, because my video isn't the same language as the tag they searched for.
  10. Bennett's Playtime

    Tagging Etiquette

    I read somewhere (not sure where) that you should tag channels similar to yours so that you show up in that channels recommended next panel. For example a toy channel should do relevant tags, but also tag DisneyCarToys, and maybe a few other popular, similar channels. I tried that in one or...
  11. Bombiebru

    Am I just tag inept????

    So today I uploaded a video and used the keyword planner and tube buddy to get some decent tags and when I go to search for my video it doesn't show up in the search at all??? Did I screw something up? I'm really excited about this video and am worried if I dont figure this out soon I will be...
  12. Cidic

    Tag glitch?

    When i've been trying to tag videos lately, when I get to about 400+/500 characters it says that my 'tags are too long' and I have to delete a ton in order to publish... Anyone else get this or know how to solve it?
  13. T

    Is it ever too late to change video [meta] tags??

    I started my YouTube channel a few months ago and started posting videos before fully understanding how to use tags strategically. I missed out on a lot of high search volume keywords in those tags and am planning on updating the tagging of my early videos. From my understanding/research...
  14. CraftersMagicYT

    Tagging. Will it stay?

    So YouTube took away suggested tags, and I wanted to theorize what this means. They made a post saying the Title and Description says it all, so does this mean they may get rid of the feature, or at least make it to where title and description with little tags is acceptable, what do you...
  15. NWBroadcasting

    Proper tagging & General advice

    Hi! I don't think I'm tagging correctly. I go in-depth but not crazy on tagging because I don't want to my main source of traffic to be from something totally unrelated (low retention from that kind of traffic). I try different thumbnails and titles but stay consistent with my branding...
  16. bodaniel

    Help with tagging my videos please :( confused boy

    Hi YTtalk community! How you all going? Okay so, I have read multiple articles and watched multiple videos on how to tag my videos. I understand that things even such as the name of the raw file you are uploading combined with the words used in the description box can contribute towards your...