1. Kaitlyn Moore

    My channel is dying/stuck

    my YouTube channel hasn’t been growing in views or subscribers and I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my channel over this bump? It’s been in the 400 subscribers range for almost a year :/ ,I’m also running out of ideas on what to post since no one seems to watch...
  2. Kaitlyn Moore

    I'm Stuck

    Hello! So 2017 was a pretty rocky year for my YouTube channel. My subscriber count just kinda stopped growing half way through the year and the views decreased. My subscribe counts only goes from 350-357 and everyday I loose and gain like the same number of subs ever since the summer it's really...
  3. Dutchie Abroad

    Views stuck at 95?

    So, I could swear I've seen a similar topic on this, but I can't seem to find it. So I'm opening a new thread, hope you guys don't mind. For the last two days my views on my channel page have been stuck at 95, but when I go to the Creator Studio it says 135. The page views used to update every...
  4. Youssef elkadi

    Im Stuck , Please help

    hey guys for some reason I'm stuck at this number 34 subscribers for around 2 days but on average I would gain like 1 or 2 subs a day and I dont know why I can't do this anymore its starting to really mess with my head and I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong also people comment nice...
  5. Scapestrato

    Analytics / views stuck since 28th November?

    I noticed two of my YT channels got their analytics stuck on that date, and by now I would expect them to be updated till the 30th of November. Is it just me or anybody else is experiencing this?
  6. DuncanT


    Hey guys! So I've been working on YouTube every evening and weekend for the past 2.5 months. I love doing this, but even getting a little growth a day makes me happy. One like a day brightens up my day like nothing else can. But... I kinda hit a wall. I don't really know how to create some of...
  7. Stike96

    I'm super stuck and don't know what to do

    Hi all, so I've got a tech channel that I have been running for over 3 years now and I honestly feel like the channel is pretty much dead. I have almost 2,300 subscribers but pretty much none of them watch my recent videos so I pretty much still feel like I'm sub 100 or something because none of...
  8. Scooterbean Videos

    Where Do I Go From Here?

    Ok, so I went through my channel, threw up new channel art, did thumbnails, re tagged my videos and did everything to make it look nice. Now what do I do with it? I'm stuck. I don't know what else I can do for my channel. I want to get it out there and I did a lot of spreading it around on...
  9. Kousuke-shii

    Copyrighted video stuck at 360p quality! HELP!

    So, I just won a copyright claim today. I uploaded a video about 15 days ago and got a copyright strike because of it. I disuputed the claim, filed a counter-notification and now the video is back up. But there's one problem... The video is stuck at 360p! It was 1080p when I first uploaded it...
  10. LangaAu

    Any advice for a New youtuber?

    Hello my name is Alex, Langa is my nickname I was wondering if there are any handy tips to which help improve my content and viewer attraction to which help my new channel to grow? I've been struggling for new content ideas, over the past month or so, then I found this website! Please share...
  11. TheChillGhost

    I am stuck!

    Ok, so i'm not really sure what kind of responses i'm expecting to get to this, but I have been stuck at 48 subs for over a month now and I don't know why. I still post, I still respond to comments, I advertise my channel. Maybe I just suck. Any tips?
  12. Scott Olsen

    Brain Fart! Need Ideas!

    I think many of us have probably come across this part in creating videos, I'm just hitting it a bit early! I need some ideas for video topics I could do for my upcoming videos! I'm totally drawing a blank! I do mostly gaming, check out my channel and you'll see the types of videos I enjoy...
  13. AlbaLnz

    Have you ever gone through a creative block?

    Yeah... we all have suffered that, right? What helped you to get over it?
  14. DaRealApollo

    Stuck at ____ Subscribers

    **BY NO MEANS IS THIS A CRY FOR ATTENTION, JUST A QUESTION TO THE COMMUNITY** So for months, I've been hovering around the 115 subscriber area. I'm not upset about it, I love my subscribers, but it is bothersome to see people like the untalented ZexyZek sit high and mighty at a solid 1.4...