slow growth

  1. VRONA

    How Many Views and Subscribers did you Have When Your Channel Took Off?

    So I've been recently looking a lot on how my channel compares to others in terms of growth rate, etc., and it's been always apparent that my channel is growing extremely slowly, with only 205 subscribers and 8.5k views after 4 years. So I want to know if you have a channel that took off, what...
  2. VRONA

    locked - Looking for Honest Feedback to Finally Grow my Channel

    Hey everyone! I am looking for some honest channel feedback or advice on what I could do to grow or has prevented my channel from growing, seeing how I only got 204 subscribers and 8k views after 4 years. What's even stranger is that across these 4 years, my content has been quickly dropping in...
  3. VRONA

    Anything I Can Improve To Finally Grow After 4 Years?

    My channel has been around for over 4 years now, yet I am only at 203 subscribers after so long, most/all of which are inactive. My most popular series of videos went down in viewership recently, and I'm not even yet at 10k views after so long. So what can I do to finally get the train rolling...
  4. VRONA

    Channel Trailer: Should I Have One and if "Yes" What Style Should it Have?

    So should I have a channel trailer? Would it help my channel grow? Is not having one one of the reasons my channel is not growing? I'm very new to the idea of channel trailers despite doing YouTube for 4 years now, so I'm looking on a lot of advice on them. And if I were to make one, how should...
  5. VRONA

    [ LOCKED ]Subs Vs. Promotion Vs. Finding me on YouTube | Help!

    I share my videos on Twitter, on popular gaming Forums, and on Reddit, but it doesn't seem to help at all. My latest video was actually my first to get no views in 12 hours. And now, 18 hours later, it still only has 1... after 4 years of working away at the channel. Seeing how the last time...
  6. VRONA

    Video Ideas That Will Create Viewer Interaction in Dead Channel?

    I know it sounds probably impossible, but seeing how I only get around 10 views per video after 4 years I really need some help with stuff like this. Short story short, my channel is extremely unsuccessful. It has many issues that just seem to have came out of no where, like inactive...
  7. VRONA

    How To Get More Viewer Interaction on a Dead Channel?

    I understand the chances a pretty slim as my channel can be considered "dead" due to it having only around 15 views per video after 4 years despite constant uploads, but I would like to try and improve viewer interaction a bit more. So how can I do that with such low statistics? Even when I ask...
  8. VRONA

    How Can I Revive My Channel?

    With only 146 subscribers and around 15 views per video and around 2 comments a month, meaning most/all my subscribers are inactive, and all of that after 4 years of working away on the channel, isn't that great of a sign. I even stream all my livestreams to 3 different places all at once...
  9. VRONA

    Do Inactive Subscribers Matter?

    So with only 15 views per video and around 2 comments a month with 146 subscribers, it's pretty clear most/all of them are inactive. So what can I do about it? Plus does it really matter, esspecially while a channel is as small and unsuccsesful as mine?
  10. VRONA

    Looking for ideas -4 Years on YouTube

    In a few days time, my channel will be on 4 years old. 4 years of making videos. It's just such a crazy thought to me. Yet it also saddens me, as it made me think of how unsuccesful things have been. Things started off really well, with hundreds of views per video, yet it slowly went down to...
  11. OldNotDead

    Doing what the gurus tell me to do, still very little growth!

    I have watched several (100s) of videos from so called "You Tube gurus" and still have very little (very slow) following their so called advice. Has anyone else followed their advice and had slow to little growth? Or am I being impatient?
  12. avrona

    What am I Doing Wrong?

    This is my second attempt at this thread as my previous was deleted as I haven't posted anything before that. Now I posted a bit so I decided to give it another go. So I've been working on my YouTube channel for 3 and a half years now, yet I only have 117 subscribers after so long. 103 AFTER 3...
  13. Scooterbean Videos

    The Dreaded but Loved First 100

    So I hear about people getting 100 subs in about a month, which I think is crazy good, figuring that I have been around for 6 months and I only have 53. Now, thing is I DID start off doing gaming, and then I wanted to do something that everybody wasn't doing so I did sketch comedy. I know its...
  14. Mogawty

    Kinda lost at the moment...

    This is my first post here on YTTalk, I'm mostly a reader/lurker, but I wanted to get some thoughts out and see if anyone has some advice for me. I've been doing YouTube seriously for almost a year now (in the gaming "niche" surprise). I think I've done okay for myself, but at the moment I'm...