Channel Trailer: Should I Have One and if "Yes" What Style Should it Have?


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So should I have a channel trailer? Would it help my channel grow? Is not having one one of the reasons my channel is not growing? I'm very new to the idea of channel trailers despite doing YouTube for 4 years now, so I'm looking on a lot of advice on them.

And if I were to make one, how should it be done? I've been thinking about making a channel trailer for a few months now, yet I don't know how it should look. Animated+voiceover? Animated+just text? IRL,? Inside a game?
I don't know if channel trailers really help per se, but I don't think they could hurt in any way.
And a channel trailer should just be a video describing what your channel is, while maybe having some clips of your videos playing in the background.
I had a channel trailer at the beginning -dont know if it gaind me any subs though:) Now I just set one of my best videos as a channel trailer and in this video I ask people to subscribe too:) Dont really know whats the best but I have seen some pretty good channels trailers out there so I might try that again:)
I ditched my 10 second trailer a few months ago because A. It was too long B. The whistling music I used to like was getting really irritating. I now have a 4 second transitional graphic I use. Looks more professional I think. You can see what that looks like in my latest video and compare it to one I did say....5 months ago. If you can, I'd avoid those tacky dubstep 3d block text intros, they are awful!
I think a trailer is a good idea, but it has to be short and concise and to the point, tell people what your channel is about, what they can expect and when you are going be publishing.

As for how it looks, that might take some experimenting, luckily you can easily swap them out if you make different types and see if they help over a time period.