1. BullMoose

    Silent but deadly - PUBG

    Short yet action-packed PUBG squad match with some friends.
  2. BullMoose

    Can't believe that happened! - PUBG

    Absolutely unbelievable! I still can't believe I did this, and what is worse is that I did it again in a different match.
  3. BullMoose

    Panic Attack - PUBG

    Definitely had a moment of panic in this PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) match. Never know how things will play out, just keep attacking and don't panic too much, you never know how things will turn out.
  4. BullMoose

    Never let Moose drive...

    Mistakes were made..
  5. N

    Ncom's Battlegrounds | PUBG

    Shhh, I'm huntin chickens!
  6. ResidualPirate

    I'M TOO GOOD !!! | Uncharted 4 A Thief's End PS4 Playthrough #8

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End playthrough #8 Feel free to like/comment/subscribe and let me know what you think Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks
  7. BinateGaming

    Avenge us!! - Last Man Standing (BATTLE ROYALE)

    We encountered an enemy squad a couple blocks away from where we had spawned. One of our mates is spotted and is immediately killed by the enemy. Our other mate surprisingly took action and ended up killing the entire squad of 4 and avenging the fallen...
  8. ImChazza

    The Worst Choke Ever! - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Live Commentary

    Today we witness one of the worst chokes ever!
  9. ImChazza

    Quad Kills! - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Live Commentary

    Today we get 4 kills in a row in both our games!
  10. Basic Gamer

    PUBG Highlight reel with Chazza

    Hope you guys enjoy this video, If you do please like and comment down below. And if you enjoy the content check out Chazza's channel as well. So here is the video file
  11. ImChazza

    Supressed AR Rampage - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I know this video is 2 days old as of posting. I only joined yesterday. Feel free to comment and give feedback:)
  12. AMX Gaming

    I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One

    I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One Very cool indie game where we pretty much shoot monsters, zombies and a lot of creepy crawlies that are intent on killing everyone and everything on their way, it's up to us to take these things down. This was a game request from the...
  13. N

    Moosing Around | PUBG

  14. N

    Worst 2 First | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    It's all about progression.
  15. Ninja

    SUICIDE MISSION | Day of Infamy | Funny Moments

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?
  16. Lethality

    Gaming Just have fun together [PC, XB1]

    I'm looking for friends to have fun with while playing. Shenanigans and stuff. I prefer PC for playing, as I have most of my games on there but I also got some stuff on the XB1. So that's all, If you're interested leave your contact data below or just add me on Skype: Lethality112 or...
  17. Jgaust Online

    Gaming Overwatch Colab (PC)

    Gonna lay it on thick and heavy, I'm new, and unnoticed. I have a whopping 30 subscribers and apparently pump out good juice. I'm great at Overwatch and need some peeps to get down with. No, this is not a shady craigslist ad, but an invitation to come out and punch some noobs.
  18. Wallace white

    HomeFront:The Revolution

    HI! My name is Mega and my partner, Havoc would like to bring you to our channel and today we posted a gameplay of HomeFront:The Revolution - P.S. I hope you will enjoy the video.
  19. TaiFighter

    Could you help me out please!

    it what be awesome if some of you come and checked out my YouTube channel and some of my videos! If you leave a comment saying what you think about the video I might go back and check on your channel! -thanks, TaiFighterVideo link:
  20. Saddy


    Welcome back guys! Hope you enjoy the video! if you guys enjoyed the video hit the thumbs up and make sure you let us know if we should make more episodes!
  21. Saddy


    Finally playing some overwatch! Hope you guys enjoy the video! :D
  22. Darthtux

    Overwatch PS4 Daily Gameplay Ep.3 | THE HERO IS BACK! /w Darthtux

    Soldier 76 has returned and I say things turned out great for this episode! Enjoy! Thanks for watching guys and if you have any feedback I would highly apperciate it :D
  23. j12stones

    Vaccine War: Ep 01 | Let's do Indie!!!

  24. Arsh

    Gaming PC Collabs

    What's up ladies and gentlemen? I'm looking for some fellow YouTubers to do some collaborative collaborations. I'm currently sitting at just over 970 subs. In terms of sub counts I'm looking to collaborate with...I don't give a rat's a**. If we get along well and our content gels, I'm in. A bit...
  25. j12stones

    FALLOUT 3 / N00b Explains!!!

  26. FatalAti

    SUPERHOT | Time moves when you move.

    Hey guys. I sure know that you all saw superhot`s GIF so here is the Let´s Play for it. It is a bit creepy. So Just watch with care. Here are the parts that i already took. EPISODE 1 | Got Punched in the Face Here is the second part of the series. This is the creepy one. I got really freaked...
  27. F

    Gaming collab on Xbox FPS games mostly cod

    Hey, I'm frostedcoder2 and my channel is all about FPS games , I post 3+ Times a week about my best clips in cod or at a different game(mostly cod) . I'm looking to clean with someone that has at least 10 subs post FPS gameplay , (shooter games mostly). Send me a message on one of my vids if...
  28. Blakeusness

    Star Wars Battlefront! "It's Finally Here"!

    hay guys, just posted TWO new vids of star wars battlefront gameplay on my channel! be awesome if you could check it out!
  29. GamingwithNick

    COD Black Ops 3 Montage