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I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One
Very cool indie game where we pretty much shoot monsters, zombies and a lot of creepy crawlies that are intent on killing everyone and everything on their way, it's up to us to take these things down.

This was a game request from the developer which was so cool and i am more than happy to play it and take a look at this game for the developer and for you guys as well.

About Johnny Graves The Unchosen One:
A usurper sits on Satan’s throne, and the cold feud between Hell’s two most ancient families has escalated to all-out civil war. This war, that has ravaged Hell for over two centuries, spread to Earth some time ago. Johnny, the son of the old Satan, yet paradoxically, a freelance agent for the good guys, is seeking redemption for his centuries of evil deeds. He's been sent to stop the diabolical plans of the new party in power coming true. Johnny fights his way through the front lines of both sides to reach the grave of the original Satan, who is entombed there, but not quite dead...