SUPERHOT | Time moves when you move.


I've Got It
Hey guys. I sure know that you all saw superhot`s GIF so here is the Let´s Play for it. It is a bit creepy. So Just watch with care. Here are the parts that i already took.

EPISODE 1 | Got Punched in the Face
[DOUBLEPOST=1458510227,1458510142][/DOUBLEPOST]Here is the second part of the series. This is the creepy one. I got really freaked out when i took it :/

EPISODE 2 | Goosebumps All Over Me
Hey Guys i just released the new episode of SuperHot. Hope You enjoy it i became a SuperHot Samurai :p so It will worth your time :D

EPISODE 3 | The Hottest Samurai
Hey Guys, I just had the weirdest time in a game. It didn´t allow me to quit it shot down itself etc. It is really cool but at the same time you react as WTF did i just do. It is perfect if you search for an interesting game :D
I hope you have a great time watching it. If so i would love some feedback from you guys :D

Hello you guys I hope you like SuperHot cuz it is on fire right now ( get the pun. Cuz it is super hot :D ) The series almost ended and i have to say it is one of my most loved indie fps game for now. The game gets a bit mind f$%ing but thats what makes it beautiful i guess :D I made 1 more video which is the end of the game and I have to say it has an ending of a AAA game. If you liked it go check it out and support them.

Hey Guys. Here is the Final Episode of SuperHot. I really enjoyed the game it is the first Let´s Play that I finished so I hope you guys find it enjoyable. I am focusing on Dark Souls 3 now but it will always have a special place in my hearth T.T I hope i will be able to play more cool games like this. The concept of this game was "Time moves only when you move" and the philosophy behind it was mind blowing. If you haven't played it yet I def. recommend it :D