1. Winger94

    Superhot killing experience! My latest part of the indie game SUperhot

    Hi guys this is the first time I'm posting in this section of the YTtalk forum so I hope it's the right one! Yesterday I uploaded my latest let's play video, about the indie fps game Superhot. I managed to finish the story (with lots of death also!) and I'm planning to play some challenges. I...
  2. James Azurin

    My Girlfriend Tries SUPERHOT

    she's not bad!
  3. FatalAti

    SUPERHOT | Time moves when you move.

    Hey guys. I sure know that you all saw superhot`s GIF so here is the Let´s Play for it. It is a bit creepy. So Just watch with care. Here are the parts that i already took. EPISODE 1 | Got Punched in the Face Here is the second part of the series. This is the creepy one. I got really freaked...