1. Venox

    Services Venox|Wide Variety|Banners Thumbnails and Icons|Free and Paid

    Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs! Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted...
  2. DyaniCarissa

    Request Looking for an intro!

    Looking for an intro for the beginning of my videos, something very simple and short. If graphic animation or a few select pictures + music can be included that’d be great. If you’re interested email me at Thanks guys!
  3. Neons_Awesome


    Hello, I make high quality channel art of any kind for any channel. My prices are low and the art is always at its best. My prices are: Banner: $2.50 Profile Picture: $2 Outro: $1.50 Thumbnail: $2 per I have a couple examples of what I can do
  4. AndreasMichailidis

    Services Logo and Banner Creations!

    Hello there! I am willing to create banner and logos for channels for FREE. The only thing you have to do is give me a shoutout. You can message me or reply below the thread so that we can communicate and tell me exactly what you want. I'd love to offer something in that community! Here's an...
  5. caleb_gl

    Services [CHEAP] High Quality Logos / Artwork /// DEEPBLUEVIOLET

    DEEPBLUEVIOLET BRANDING SERVICES Let's get right into it. CONTACT: SKYPE: djsmileyguy EMAIL: YOUTUBE: TheHollowMusicNY MORE EXAMPLES ON REQUEST. [/SIZE] LOGOS: (Profile Pictures / Channel Logo) One Logo - 2.00$ Two Logos - 2.75$ Three Logos - 3.25$ CHANNEL ART...
  6. M

    Request New logo (Free)

    I need a new logo for my YouTube channel called Mind Blown. I make GTA V and Call of duty content and I was hoping to have some characters built in, if its not to difficult. Thanks!
  7. CasualConstruction

    Services I can make custom thumbnails for free

    Here are a few examples of my thumbnails. I usually make a collage of high quality images, but I am somewhat flexible. All I ask in return is a shoutout to my channel and a link in the description for the videos which I make thumbnails for. Personal message me if you are interested. Comment your...
  8. A


    I can easily make you a banner and/or a profile picture. Which ever you choose you want I can do whether you want me to freestyle one for you or you have an idea you want me to fulfill. I've done many banners and profile pics for countless small youtubers and if your interested in seeing my work...
  9. Eyezak

    Services Eyezak's Graphics Shop - Affordable, High Quality Designs

    Hi, welcome to my shop! I've been doing graphics for a while, and I want to start selling my work to other people. I really love doing it, and it would be great to help out the YTTalk community with their branding. Examples of my work: Prices: YouTube Banner + Avatar - $5 Thumbnail - $2...
  10. Meghan Alex

    Services I'm New to Making Banners But I Try {FREE}

    Hi! My name is Meghan, I've done digital art for awhile and I'm looking to improve, in order to do so, I'm making banners for people! All you have to do in return is credit me in your bio or somewhere else on your channel (or on the banner, if you'd like). I don't have many examples, that's why...
  11. bxnsfilms

    Services CHEAP YouTube Graphics, Intros, and Outros

    Are you looking to renovate your YouTube channel for a very low cost? You're in luck! For cheap, I can make the following things for you! My Services: YOUTUBE AVATAR ($10) - A high quality image (1000x1000) for your YouTube avatar (logo included) YOUTUBE BANNER ($10) - A high quality banner...
  12. Joman

    Finished/Closed I will make free custom YouTube banners, Thumbnails, etc...

    Please suggest anything and I will do my best to create something for you. Just make sure you link my website and channel. Also subscribing to my channel would be helpful (not mandatory). Skype: jomanthebeast This does not have to be youtube only, but it is recommended. Mine: People whos...
  13. Shendijiro

    Services Latin Spanish Translation/Substitles/CC

    Hello everybody, I am trying to save up to get a new camera since the one I was using got a bad scratch on the inside of the lens that can't be fixed :( So as some of you know now, youtube has allowed that members to be able to ask their viewers to add subtitles on their videos via a link...
  14. Redberd36


    Hey everyone, I'm Redberd36. I've been making thumbnails for quite some time now, and they have been my favorite thing to do for a video. So here's a little run down of my most favorite works. All of my work will be done in English. Here's way I'm conducting business - You have to be able to...
  15. Richard Rumble

    Services The Full Works!

    Recent Media Production Graduate happy to offer the services of my team! All Peices of media will come with 2 free corrections. Make sure you tell us all required information we need to change in great detail so we can get it as close to what you want as possible. What we offer: Design - £3+...
  16. Zack Wellman

    Services Zack Wellman | Design made Simple.

    AUSTRALIA DAY SPECIAL - BANNER AND AVATAR FOR JUST $10! Welcome to my design market, my name is Zack and it'd be an honour to work for you. My style has developed over years of projects, but I can cater to almost any desire you have. From hardcore abstract styles to the simplest of designs...
  17. Bethanyjbee

    Services Offering Channel Art!

    I'm offering some simple channel art for a donation of YTtalk cash! Here are some examples of the stuff I'm able to do: I will need specific details on what you want, and it would be easier to communicate through private message, email or skype to make sure no messages get lost! If...