Services Latin Spanish Translation/Substitles/CC


Hello everybody, I am trying to save up to get a new camera since the one I was using got a bad scratch on the inside of the lens that can't be fixed :(

So as some of you know now, youtube has allowed that members to be able to ask their viewers to add subtitles on their videos via a link.


Once you turn them on, it will give you a link below the video on the left, and that's the link I will need to be able to start your translation.

So how much is this service worth?!

My price is cheap, it's only $1.00 per minute + Fees and either a card, annotation or link to my channel.

So for example your video is 5:30 long, that would be $5.30 + $0.47 = $5.77

Before I start working on your video I will need obviously the link that they give you and half of the payment. This will ensure that I will get pay for my time. If you want to be sure I am trustworthy I don't mind sending you link to my various feedbacks from ebay and a pokemon collectors site.