1. Umer

    Meet Up/Gathering Spanish speakers in London? Collab wanted!

    Hey guys - looking for Spanish speakers, preferably female, to collab on my next video to review the Google Translate feature using the new Google Ear Buds. Central London location essential.
  2. Scandinavian Freckles


    Hey everyone, A few days ago I posted a video about being trilingual and I got some requests to make a video in spanish so here it is. When I started I knew I would eventually start filming in spanish as well but I was happy to get requests so if there is anything else you would like me to...
  3. Scandinavian Freckles

    My Childhood home Speed Build | The sims 4

    Hey everyone. I really wanted to build one of my houses so I decided to build my childhood house and I am excited for you to see !! Let me knwo what you think :) !!
  4. Scandinavian Freckles

    My psycho boss !

    Hey guys, I did a video on monday talking about my experience as a waitress. Which basically lasted a week because I worked for a psycho . Do any of you have any stories like this? I would love to know :) !! Have an awesome day !
  5. Scandinavian Freckles

    Get to know me !!

    Hey everyone! Thought I would post my 50 facts about me video so you can get to know me a little bit better :) ! Have an awesome day !
  6. Scandinavian Freckles

    30 Subs :)

    I have been on youtube for almost 2 months and I am so excited to almost have 30 subs. I started doing it as like a hobby on the down low, no one other than my mom knows about my channel, not even my friends so I am super proud of my channel :) !! What an awesome way to get to know people &...
  7. Pierre Maynard


    So i haven't done a Spanish video in 2 years, and i have finally made one this year! This time i played a smooth Latin based music it's relaxing and really takes you back to the beach :D Iv'e been in to Spanish guitar for about 5 years now i love it and i hope you like this video too! ;) :D...
  8. Shendijiro

    Services Latin Spanish Translation/Substitles/CC

    Hello everybody, I am trying to save up to get a new camera since the one I was using got a bad scratch on the inside of the lens that can't be fixed :( So as some of you know now, youtube has allowed that members to be able to ask their viewers to add subtitles on their videos via a link...
  9. isaacdmann

    Meet Up/Gathering Any English Youtubers?

    HEY! :D Im isaac, im a new british youtuber living in Spain and would love to collab! Id also like to set up a group chat somewhere with an diverse group of friends to all improve together an have fun along the way! If anyone is interested please message :)
  10. LuLYeah

    Gaming [1000 SUBS] [Español] Looking for collabs. [GAMING]

    Well, title says all. If your channel isn't spanish based, then this isn't the collab for you, im sorry :( Si llegaste hasta aqui es que hablas español. Me gustaria hacer una colaboracion, y seria un video para cada canal, con promocion en ambos frentes. Creo que es obvio que espero que tengas...
  11. Average Bars

    Is Learning a Foreign Language Cultural Appropriation?

    In this video I address a tweet calling learning another language which is not a part of one's culture as cultural appropriation. Tell me what you think, if I messed up somewhere or if you agree/disagree with my opinion.
  12. Zach S.

    Para-Normal Bloopers!

    Here we take you behind the scenes of Para-Normal. Be sure to go back and watch the original film. Thanks for watching and please be sure to leave a comment about what you thought about the short film or bloopers. Don't forget to like and subscribe as well :) Thanks! "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin...