1. Foorson

    The Park #2 | THE PARK IS HUNGRY!

    OK K.O! Sup Guys still looking for my son in this creepy park I must be nuts - I thought I hate the kid? Because im so, so good mother right?
  2. Savage Gamerz

    Gaming Hey Gamerz

    Hey Gamerz, wanted to see if i can meet some people who would love to Collab, i do have PC games and Xbox One games so hit me up!
  3. TheCustomCreator

    Can some one give me an honest review

    I hope i posted correctly i am new sorry ;-; ..... Well anyways let me introduce myself i am TheCustomCreator a comedy commentator basically i play games and put lots of memes and stuff my favorite game type is scary cause i love making my reactions lots of my friends think i am funny but i want...
  4. DanTheLamp

    The House 2 Letsplay! NEW CHANNEL

    Hey guys! This is my first video I made, hopefully the quality will get better but enjoy!
  5. Evan Helbling

    Larry The Magnificent! - Audition Video

    With the help of two clothing items and black face paint, i was able to create a genius character, enjoy!
  6. Zach S.

    Spider Jump Scares and More! || WYPW Ep. 2

    Description : Welcome to Wet Yo Pants Wednesday episode 2! Today we will be playing quite the scary Garry’s mod. We play “My Nightmare,” and, boy I can sure tell you, it eventually did turn into MY nightmare by the end of the video. Thank you to everyone who watched the video and be sure to...
  7. Zach S.

    Necrophobia - A Very Scary Garry's Mod || WYPW Ep. 1

    Description : Welcome to Wet Your Pants Wednesday (a.k.a. WYPW!) In todays episode, I am joined by HypoHutch, and Ethanial. We play a scary mod on Garry's Mod called Necrophobia. The WYPW series is a collaboration series between me and HypoHutch where we will be posting videos of scary games...
  8. CraftersMagicYT

    The Grudge Let's Play - Video Review Please?

    Just looking for what you think commentary wise, audio wise, video wise, just how the video is in general, looking for some feedback :) if you could be as kind to do so I would be greatful, and of coarse you win 1 cookie :3 Thanks again :) - Cookie
  9. FatalAti

    New Idea for Gaming Channel 2 masks

    Hey guys I just opened a channel named Fatalati and had an idea of putting on a scary Japanese red mask whenever I can´t pass a level and at the background there would be heavy metal music going on while i pass that level on "FATAL Mode". So here are 2 masks that i might buy which one should i...
  10. vspecialistv

    "F#%K!! AGAIN" Soma gameplay part 18 - PS4

    Hi guys, today's video is a Soma gameplay. I never finished this series since i felt that people didn't want to see it, but now that my channel is growing i wanted to post gameplay of it again. For those who are new to the channel, one thing that you guys should know about me is i'm a scary cat...
  11. Dice Rollen

    Dice's Horror Reaction Compilation #3

    This is a compilation of some of the funniest & scariest moments from previous horror let's plays!
  12. Dice Rollen

    The Attic | Creepypasta Reading

    This is the first creepypasta I've written & narrated.
  13. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Creepiest Drawings by Children

    Kids can be pretty creepy sometimes, but their drawings are downright disturbing!
  14. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Creepiest Audio Recordings

    This is a list of 10 real audio recordings to send chills down your spine!
  15. CraftersMagicYT

    The House 2 (Scary Game)

    So, this is a point and click game, the reason behind it to me is you get to see funny reactions! You cannot die but you have to solve the mystery and enter a code, and I spiced it up with a little CraftersMagic comedy, so, enjoy! Do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe to ensure...
  16. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Urban Legends

    This is a list of some of the creepiest urban legends!
  17. C

    ☻ Cry Of Fear - #14 | WTF Just Happened!!! ☻

  18. C

    ☻ Cry Of Fear - #14 | WTF Just Happened!!! ☻

  19. DemendraHD

    Scary Map Playthrough With Friends! - Funny Moments on Garry's Mod

  20. WilBajamas

    Many nights at Freddy's

    Wasabi peeps!! It's me WilBajamas and today its a very scary yet horrific video~~ Yes! It's Five Nights At Freddy's, and I can't even survive the first night. Watch as I fail as a nervous gamer trying to survive the night haha Hey there everyone my #2 episode of Five Nights At Freddy's is here.I...
  21. Dice Rollen

    Top 13 Disturbing Toys

    There are a lot of weird toys out there, but these are some of the most disturbing.
  22. H


    FYI this is a joke but the premise of this game is pure wtf xD
  23. SauceOne

    Stream Times + What Games I May Do During My Livestream

    All the information for my livestream coming up on October 31st will be in the following video:
  24. NN_Gaming

    [60fps] Outlast Scare Compilation!

    Hello everyone! Brand new YouTube channel here! My friend and I (Zurom and Aman) have started this channel to upload dual and solo gaming videos. I'd like to post a video I made; a scare compilation from the horror game "Outlast" I quickly found that adding animated subtitles was an incredible...
  25. LukeMc

    Top 10 Creepypasta's (both parts)

    I would love to get your feedback and also would like some suggestions for more top 10's in the near future
  26. Deathskarl


    This game had my eye the moment I watched the trailer. You can feel the H.P. Lovecraft inspiration as soon as you start up the game. Your main objective is to fall to the bottom of the level without dying by the horrors inside the game. It's not a game for everyone but if you have headphones on...
  27. Cody Daniel

    The Fiend from Hell - Monstrum

    I CANNOT finish this game! I have tried SO HARD to win! My last video, I walked around for almost three HOURS trying to finish! One more thing, I HATE THE FIEND!!! That thing creeps me out to no end! If you have any tipss....PLEASE HELP ME!! :'(