1. Tuurngait Gaming

    Outlast. It's PREEEETTYYY Scary.

    Hey I'm Tuurngait! I've been quite active here already as I enjoy this community. This is part 3 of my Outlast series. I just uploaded it! Here is part 1 in case you don't feel like doing much channel navigation. And here is part 2. This one, I'd recommend turning down your volume! haha...
  2. Surrendead

    Horror Night, am I late for Halloween? - Hide and Shriek

    Some recorded gameplay that i streamed to twitch, sorry for the poor audio and video quality, as always let me know how it is!
  3. Justine

    Scary Secrets! | Resident Evil 7 Demo

    Happy Halloween! Let's celebrate this lovely holiday with a spooky game and spooky secrets within it! This is also the longest video on my channel that I've ever posted but it's totally worth every second! Thanks for watching! As always, any feedback is appreciated so let me know if you have...
  4. Jack Swish


    We visit a satanic haunted church in Clophill named St Mary's Church but by others called Deadmans Hill, Devil church & the church of Satan. We didn't think anything would happen but a lot of things in and around the church did. Including screams, shhh noises, ghost orbs lights & more. Most of...
  5. Jack Swish


    We visit a satanic haunted church in Clophill named St Mary's Church but by others called Deadmans Hill, Devil church & the church of Satan. We didn't think anything would happen but a lot of things in and around the church did. Including screams, shhh noises, ghost orbs lights & more. Most of...
  6. GamesRsux

    CASE: Animatronics - Part 2 - THERE'S MORE THAN ONE?!

    (Part 2) As we continue our attempt to escape the police station we find out that leaving may be easier said than done .... CASE: Animatronics is a truly scary and challenging first-person stealth horror on PC. Control of the police department is in the hands of anonymous hacker. All exits are...
  7. Jawad Soomro


    Photoshop Tutorial How to turn/transform someone into GHOST? Simple and Easy steps!
  8. Kemono

    FNAF: Sister Location | Gameplay

    It's only the second night (after the prologue) but it's still pretty crazy! I'm not sure if I should deviate from my normal videos to do stuff like this. Let me know if you guys enjoyed and tell me what you think! Thank you so much!
  9. javacentral

    Halloween video about coffee?

    I'm really wanting to make a video about halloween or something scary but I've learned that's kind of tough when your videos are about coffee. Any ideas?
  10. winson yuen


    Hi guys! I just uploaded a killer clown prank on my girlfriend. She gave a priceless reaction I thought my whole neighborhood would actually come out and call the cops. Btw, Appreciate if you guys watch and let me know what you think.
  11. MechaJake

    F#@%ING GL LABS CRABS! | Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion | #2

    Hey everyone! This is part 2 of my Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion playthrough. Enjoy! I'll have more episodes of this game coming out shortly as well as some Nioh gameplay.
  12. sphamedia

    Any anime fans that like yokai?

    I made a video about what yokai id like to see more of in anime, i was wondering if any of you guys knew of any you would like to see in anime?, this is the video by the way:
  13. Branden Morales


  14. Doctor Dano

    5 Nights At Freddy's ALL Jumpscares!

    In the near future I will go face-cam. It's more personal in my opinion. Who did play this game?! Thanks for watching!
  15. G

    Other Hello Flesh Mortals :P I have started a scary prank/ gaming channel.

    I am interested in collaborating with other like minded fellow youtubers who have the same interest. Be it with gaming, scary stuff, reactions and so on. My channel will primarily focus on scary omegle pranks but with a large back story and lore. I have gotten a decent amount of views sense I...
  16. Branden Morales


  17. Dynamont

    Feedback On Outlast 2 Video? | Dynamont

    Hey guys! So I know if you watch a lot of gaming YouTubers your sub box has just been drowned in Outlast 2 Demo videos at the moment :P But I just uploaded my own video on the demo and I was wondering if I could get other peoples opinion on it? Maybe what you like / dislike about the way I...
  18. Branden Morales


  19. SharSjar

    Scary.. But not too scary!

    (I hope for once this is the right topic!) Anyway! I kinda need your help with this. I've been asking around and people like to see some scary games with a facecam on it. My problem is, I get scared so easily and the thought alone makes me want to rage quit a game! It's not that I don't like...
  20. Dgamewiz

    DGAMEWIZ STREAMS #3 - Dead By Daylight Kill Your Friends: Granny's Nursery

    A highlight reel of footage recorded during my stream hopefully you enjoy it!
  21. SeanFace101

    Big Dog Scared of Small Car!

    My Big Rottweiler Kiya Being Scared Of Small Car.. Clips of Kiya running about being scared of a really small red car thats hardly the size of her paw lol.
  22. MeltedPebbles

    Abandoned Cabins with Creepy Doll

    Found this place in Southern California! Be sure to check us out for more videos like this in the future!
  23. MeltedPebbles

    Couple plays Horror Game (JUMPSCARES)

    Hey guys! So in this video we attempt to beat the horror game Homesick. If you enjoy the video be sure to click our channel button and check us out!
  24. MeltedPebbles

    Terrifying Jump Scares in this Game!

    This game is called Homesick and it was created by Chloe Sagal. It is a great game!
  25. Video Game Knight

    Welcome To The Game! The Game

    Hello forum! I have a new Welcome To The Game video out. In this one I desperately attempt to get onto the 2 websites that my fans requested, Passports Are Us and Steroid Queen. I also manage to get into various occult sites and some ranty preacher site. No kidnappers! (yet) I am sure they will...
  26. S

    Are my videos something that would interest you

    Hey everyone my name is Alex and I am 24 years old. My name on most platforms/games is either Score or Scoregasms2286. I started a youtube channel along with my twitch channel and I have lately been uploading highlights from my twitch streams onto youtube. I do not exactly own any editing...
  27. R

    Other Looking to collaborate with other YouTube channels to help each other grow

    Hey everyone, Have a channel about mystery, creepy, scary and lots of interesting videos in this line interest. Videos like creepiest places on Earth, lost inventions that could have changed the world and more. Would love to collaborate with similar channels and help each other grow. My...
  28. Brandzor

    Garrys Mod Horror Map - Nyctophobia - All s***s & No Giggles

    If you'd like to see a grown man attempt to save his Nan and s**t himself in the process, then this video is for you... F**K YOU NAN. Enjoy my Garrys Mod Horror map playthrough!
  29. Foorson

    The Evil Within Part 12 | HERE BOY!

    OK K.O! Second upload of the day : The Evil Within part 12! This game is a true horror!
  30. Munesh Ramnarine


    Here's a short film I produced by myself. Click for my channel! :bounce: Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!