1. tocsnipezz

    Comedy i became a...

  2. MD. Sopon

    Got A Copyright Claim NOT From The Copyright Holder? Pls Help

    Hello, I have to created some slide video and did not use any copyrighted material and create one slide "intro video". Problem is, recently I have to got huge copyright claim (40 videos) "Blocked in all countries" from " Bongo Holdings Pte Ltd " on my slide visual content (not audio) and my...
  3. FWS_Moos214

    Freedom MCN

    I'm curious of people's opinions on the Freedom! MCN. I've heard both good and bad things about it and am wondering what people's first hand experiences are. So let me know what you've experienced good and bad it's much appreciated! Keep on keeping on everyone!
  4. S

    Creators Revolution Network and ESL Gaming Stole My Earnings

    I partnered creators revolution network which is owned by ESL gaming in October 2016 but they have not paid me even once till now. I have been trying to contact them through the contact us option on their websites and by sending email to every email id I can get of them but they have not replied...
  5. Nutella

    If a YouTuber has over 4000 Subs and got over 6k views on a vid but only has 3 likes is he botting?

    I have seen this with a couple of "YouTubers", They'll have lets say 4k subs but when i go to their videos they'll have some with really high views like 6k but have literally no likes lol maybe like 1 and then on their other videos they'll have lets say 10 views with 1 like.Their video views...
  6. MistyEmma


    So, this storytime episode is me telling you about the time a charity scammed me, and tried to get me to regularly donate behind my back. Be careful when giving details to people!
  7. MistyEmma

    I was SCAMMED BY A CHARITY - Storytime.

    So, this storytime episode is me telling you about the time a charity scammed me, and tried to get me to regularly donate behind my back. Be careful when giving details to people!
  8. cosmicjenny

    My thoughts on Youtubers Unite Facebook Page

    What is Youtubers Unite? well its a youtube community page for vloggers who want to promote their content and meet other youtubers. sounds great! ....yeah, at first. when i first become a member of youtubers unite i was so happy! i really wanted to meet other youtubers and potentially collab...
  9. TheBattProductions

    Social Native - Legit?

    Hello everyone! :) So here's the deal: I was messaged on my Gmail account (linked to my YouTube channel) about participating in a promotion for the trading card company, TOPPS. They sent a very short e-mail (attached) asking if I'd like to be a part of their promotion. I sent back that I was...
  10. cadetKei

    False Copyright Claims

    Ok, so a YouTuber ''I Hate Everything'' I watch quite frequently got a copyright strike from some ''company'' called ''[Merlin] CDLTD'', saying that he used a song from Dylan Dauzat, althought Dylan wasn't even involved with them or in this decision and there was no actual song stolen. And...
  11. Talooka

    WARNING: Scam Email

    Copy/pasted from a Facebook YouTube group I'm in based in Michigan: SCAM EMAIL: I know the majority of you know how to spot a scam email, but for some of you new people I wanted to share this. THIS is a photo of a FAKE email. They want you to click that link and try to hack your account...
  12. CubizFIFA

    500 Monthly Views with $33.00 CPM?

    I am partnered with VOUStudios and I think they may have "scammed" me. For some reason My CPM last month was incredibly high at about $33.00 and that month I got around 500 views. But instead of getting $16.50 like I think I should have ($33.00 divided by 2) I earned about $0.50. Anyone have an...
  13. BrinosaurasGaming

    Have You Been Getting a Comment Saying "Check out u2bzone(DOT)C O M?

    Have you been getting a comment saying, "Hey! you should get more attention! Check out u2bzone(DOT)C O M" on your videos?? Well I did, and to tell you, it is a scam, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT! The point that they are trying to sell you is to go on there, buy views, subs, or likes. #1 That is against...
  14. F

    Maker Studios extremly low payment!

    Hello everyone My channel is partnered with Maker Studios for 70/30 split. In 2013 and 2014 my payments have been always ranged from 80 cent to 1,50$ per thousands views. In the beginning of 2015 I was really busy and I stopped uploading new videos. In August 2015 I decided to start uploading...