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    Creative Financing Real Estate Investing | WHEN To, and When NOT? (Epic profit and cash flow)

    Creative financing for real estate investors is an advantage most people that sell or purchase real estate don’t understand, and as a result… constantly leave money on the table, but there are times to use certain strategies, and times to NOT! Or, you could flat out LOSE money. And we don’t want...
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    How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal and ALWAYS WIN!

    If you are under the impression that in negotiating real estate you win some you lose some... you've been told wrong. If you do it right, you can WIN every real estate negotiation. In this video, I'll show you how to negotiate a real estate deal and ALWAYS WIN, even if you "lose."
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    Housing Market Update 2021: Cash Flow is Dead (Now what?)

    Housing Market Update 2021 If you are wondering what rising house prices could mean for your cash flow? You rightfully should be. Cash flow is dying quickly. In this video, I will give you my most recent 2021 housing market update and 4 options you have to save your cash flow.
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    Wholesaling Real Estate for Beginners - 5 Myths Debunked

    If you’re looking into wholesaling real estate, and you consider yourself a beginner, this could be the most important video you watch this year. One of the most common strategies for beginning real estate investors looking to dive into real estate investing is to get started by "driving for...
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    2021 Housing Market Crash? or Boom? Is It a Good Time to Be in Real Estate? (w/ pictures and stuff)

    Everyone's talking about the real estate bubble and the imminent housing market crash in 2021. Is there going to be a massive housing price correction by late 2021? Is the housing market about to crash? Or is it about to boom? Is it a good time to be in real estate? How would one know the...
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    Why Are More Black Influencers Recommending Real Estate Investing? (DJ Envy, T.I., Kim Klacik)

    Lately, I've noticed an increasing number of black influencers promoting real estate investing into their community. Influencers like DJ Envy, T.I. and Charlie Villanueva are all championing real estate investing to their followers. Just this week Kimberly Klacik, representing Baltimore and...
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    Real Youtube channel considered fake and suspended

    Hi everyone, The company I work in had a fan Youtube channel created years ago and a few months ago we started a channel of our own to promote our website. Our channel which is the real one was regarded as the fake one and got suspended. We tried contacting youtube support and they are not...
  8. Landen

    Do You Have A Logan Paul Style On-Screen Mask"?

    We have an inevitable tendency to "perform" when we know we are in front of a camera that I call our "on-screen mask". Basically, if we know there is a camera in the room recording, we are bound to act slightly different and become a "performer," even if we try our best not to. One thing I...
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    Give me some feedback why not? Be a rebel! Discover someone enw!
  10. SheepDreams


    Hello it's Sheepy! Ever wanted to make a video and you're like that sounds really cool but wait I don't have friends....what that's just me? Well anyways calling to all those that weren't meant to be legends! If you game and you got some kind of sense of humor well you came to the right post...
  11. Ballistic

    Pranking my Hot EX!

    Well the title says it all
  12. Hollysaurus

    How beneficial has scripting been for your content?

    I'm wondering if I should spend more time scripting the basic skeleton of my videos. I don't want to seem fake either! Have any of you noticed a difference in your videos when scripting or not?!
  13. FatalAti

    Gaming Funny Let´s Play Collaboration

    Hey guys. I have join to yttalk 3 days ago and been doing videos for 5 months but i had to give a break cuz my laptop broke down. But finally i got enogh money to my a PC Mic and a camera. So i m back really fast. I want to make a collaboration with some one. Here are the requirements; Be funny...
  14. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Creepiest Audio Recordings

    This is a list of 10 real audio recordings to send chills down your spine!
  15. ApexTV


  16. ApexTV

    REAL GREY ALIEN Caught on Tape in Barn [SCARY]

    Here is a scary video of a real grey alien caught on tape in a barn. Is is real? What do you think? The video shows an alien first peeking it's head through a crack in a door before eventually slamming it shut. The cameraman goes into the barn to investigate, only to find the grey alien at the...
  17. Deltoy

    Fake Pranks and Setup Freakouts (McJuggerNuggets)

    McJuggerNuggets is the most famous staged channel recently. It's obvious he's staging his videos with every exposed video you watch. But this is not what I wanted to talk about. -- He uses kids for fan-mail. He's said himself that the videos are real, making most of his fanbase; kids believing...
  18. ApexTV

    ALIEN CAUGHT ABDUCTING CAT - REAL Grey Alien Caught on Tape

    Is this a real video of a grey alien caught on tape abducting a cat? What do you think? You have probably heard of countless stories of humans getting abducted, but what about pets such a cats? This video appears to show a grey alien taking / abducting a cat, but the real question is if the...