2021 Housing Market Crash? or Boom? Is It a Good Time to Be in Real Estate? (w/ pictures and stuff)

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Everyone's talking about the real estate bubble and the imminent housing market crash in 2021.

Is there going to be a massive housing price correction by late 2021?

Is the housing market about to crash? Or is it about to boom? Is it a good time to be in real estate? How would one know the answers to those questions in advance? If you did know, what would there be to do?

The experts, after seeing the data in this video, would typically draw the conclusion that the housing market will stabilize and likely experience some moderate appreciation through 2021. Historically speaking, they would be right more times than not.

The "experts," though, make their housing market predictions primarily using “retail” data, and us real estate investors... we deal primarily in off-market real estate. That's a completely different type of data. Data on property owners' personal distress, financial distress, and property distress.

This is how we find MOTIVATED sellers. We exchange equity for peace of mind… providing sellers quick cash alternatives without the headaches of dealing with a realtor, making repairs, without commissions, without having to wait for a retail buyer to make an offer and qualify for a loan. Some Sellers just can’t wait.

In this video I walk you through a bunch of off-market data so that you know what to look for in the future to make your own decisions about the housing market.