1. MechaJake

    Nintendo Switch Reaction & MORE!

    Hey Everyone, I was up late last night recording and editing so I could release these three videos today. I did reactions last night to some new Zelda trailers, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Nintendo Switch! I'll post all 3 of them below! Just so you all know.....I'm just a crazy...
  2. Jawad Soomro


    Nicki Minaj is my favorite rapper, so I watched the video. I hope you liked my reactions and reviews. Enjoy. LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE Stay awesome.
  3. The Happy Gamer

    The Risk of Hard Work

    I've had something on my mind for the past several weeks that I've really wanted to talk to you guys about, and that is the risk of hard work. Also, I have disabled ads for this video because I really don't care about getting anything from it. I really just want you to get something out of it...
  4. PenguinOnPoint

    Comedy Collabing and Moving Further out into the YT community

    Hey! I'm currently looking to work on collabs, and make good friends that I can grow with on YT. I don't have many subs yet, but I have confidence in my video quality, and I know I could be a great asset in any collab. My content is reaction and commentary videos, featuring a cute little penguin...
  5. PenguinOnPoint

    Commentary Reaction/commentary channel looking to collab with small YouTubers

    I have a small channel called PenguinOnPoint. I'm looking to collab with anyone to make a reaction or commentary, possibly ranting or reacting to a smallish YouTuber. Message me if you are even slightly considering it! Thanks!
  6. itsDarrennnn

    No Views, No Subscribers

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could leave some feedback on my channel? I've been uploading constantly uploading and filming content I think people would like but I'm getting no views. Please leave useful tips!!! I know I should be patient and keep uploading, and don't get me wrong I...
  7. Jawad Soomro


    Here is the RAAZ 4 teaser reaction video. I hope you will enjoy my reactions and reviews about this movies. "SECRETS ARE THE ENEMY OF LOVE"
  8. Ballistic

    My reaction video!

  9. Jawad Soomro


    I love Katy Perry so much. Its her comeback after long time, so I was excited to checkout her new song. SO HERE'S MY REACTION VIDEO ON KATY PERRY "RISE" MUSIC VIDEO. I hope you guys will enjoy it.
  10. WeegieMovies

    Finding Dory SPOILER FREE Review

    Hi all, With the lead up to its UK release, here's my review of Finding Dory! :) Cheers
  11. S

    Are my videos something that would interest you

    Hey everyone my name is Alex and I am 24 years old. My name on most platforms/games is either Score or Scoregasms2286. I started a youtube channel along with my twitch channel and I have lately been uploading highlights from my twitch streams onto youtube. I do not exactly own any editing...
  12. Foorson

    DOOM Part 18 | VEGA

    OK K.O Im back after a short, short break (because something was wrong with my net) So another part of DOOM : )
  13. Whatwillhappenif?

    Unleash the Beast-Coca cola, Oil and Mentos (Awesome reaction)

    Guys, I was choosing the picture for my thumbnail and suddenly I was shocked of what I saw, a monster face (OMG), it was looking right at me, can you see it in the thumbnail?
  14. GooberVlogs

    Youtuber Reacting to Youtubers Youtube Video Response

    A few days ago I made a parody of all of these reaction channels by doing my own reaction video.. at the end I told my subscribers to make a response reaction video of them reacting to the video of me reacting to another youtubers youtube video. Here is Deadpool reacting to me reacting to...
  15. DeanzEpic

    Girls Fail Compilation 2016 Reaction

    If you wanna see hot girls fail, this is the video for you! Watch some hilarious fails as I comment on them.
  16. UnderTheKnife

    600+ total views and 19 subs in just 3 weeks!

    I'm proud to announce that I have been doing so well considering the fact that I've not long started uploading. Thank you for all the support on the forums as well btw, you've all helped me out!
  17. S

    Someone 'reacted' to my video!

    Out of all the things that can happen on YouTube I did NOT think that this would happen :D The channel Spaz Boys Comedy asked me for permission to react to my "How to Gain Likes" sketch and of course I said yes. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but they ended up saying such nice things and...
  18. crackbot72

    Worst type of Videos/Channels

    So this is gonna kinda be a rant type of thread where, if you want, you can discuss the worst type of channels. Given that my channel is already pretty horrible, lets try and call out some other people, channels, or videos. Now for the videos i hate/dislike/ or that annoy the hell out of me...
  19. Zach S.

    Reactions to My Old Song Creations

    I have found a bunch of old undiscovered song files on my old computer that I had created when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. I came across them again a couple weeks ago and decided to react to them before I listened to them in a video. Please tell me in the comments below which song was your...
  20. Mattaxol

    Channel blew up over night - what would you do?

    What would you do if your channel blew up overnight? Let's say you got 1 million (yes I know this is very, very, very unlikely) subscribers overnight (let's say you got noticed by a very famous youtuber) and it was still rising. Would you be ready for fame? And lastly, what would you do first...
  21. NickMD

    Reacting to Kid Ink's new album #SitW

    YOOOO WHAT'S UP PEOPLE :p I just posted this video and hopefully you enjoy this don't forget to subscribe and like !! :wavespin::wavespin:
  22. MegaCrasher

    Reaction to #Pokemon20: Celebrate 20 Years Of Pokemon! Are You Ready For The Hype?!

    This is more hype than ever before! Can you handle it?! :D #Pokemon20 Video I react to belongs to Pokemon, this is for fun! :] Twitter: Google: Mega Madhouse...
  23. Rjayo

    Reaction Channel - Struggling to compete with the small dogs never mind the big dogs!

    Hey guys I've recently started a Reaction channel.These are very popular right now and everyone is doing them, so i can understand why my subs are not budging! I started of doing it for fun but I've fallen into that YouTube trap where i check my likes/subs every few hours! I really enjoy it so...
  24. H

    Take a Crack at What This Games Plot is....

    so this is a game I have had in my steam library for quiet a while and for quiet a while I cannot understand it ;c I hope you enjoy!
  25. Absol4Prez

    I Reached 100 Subs!!

    I am really hyped for reaching 100 subs on my channel, I am mainly a pokemon gaming channel. I also do reaction videos, such as hip-hop news, and interesting videos I find on the internet or whatever someone sends me. [Edited By Staff] Thanks for reading my thread, have a nice day!
  26. elPepin

    Why does my vid suck?

    Tell me what is wrong with this vid. 1. Is it boring? (keep in mind if you are a fan or not, perception counts) 2. Quality 3. Me??????? :( Please be kind. Suggestions of what to improve?
  27. Cody Daniel

    The Fiend from Hell - Monstrum

    I CANNOT finish this game! I have tried SO HARD to win! My last video, I walked around for almost three HOURS trying to finish! One more thing, I HATE THE FIEND!!! That thing creeps me out to no end! If you have any tipss....PLEASE HELP ME!! :'(