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  1. M

    Gaming Looking for Musician to write original-ish song (SM64 Machinima Music Video Collab)

    Hi, I'm MarioMario54321, I'm a content creator on Youtube who deals with SM64 stuff mainly, although I'm trying to branch out from that, and so on. Anyway, have you guys heard of Adult Swim's infomercial video, Too Many Cooks? I'm looking for someone who can write a song just like it, but make...
  2. NArecordz

    Music You got to check her out

  3. tocsnipezz

    Comedy #music #rap #musicvideo #funny #funnysong #memesong #satire

  4. H


    Hi I am new to YouTube and I want to post videos around 30 minutes long. In the videos I would like to insert full length musical video clips, and discuss between them. For example, I could insert a full length Metallica video clips and have a discussion after it played. I don't want to have...
  5. Jake103

    Feedback on my Music Video

    I made a music video, and was wondering what should I improve on in terms of the flow between the music and video. It would also help if I got feedback on the entertainment level of the video. Its not a real life video, but it's still pretty decent. Constructive criticism is recommended, but...
  6. B

    Request (NOT PAID) Need someone who is good at mixing music.

    Hey, guys! So I'm about to start work on a project (that I'm not gonna disclose here since I don't want someone taking the idea) and I need someone who can mix music together. I could probably do it myself, as I've mixed small pieces of music before, but I'm not a professional at it so it'd be...
  7. kevinboston7

    Justin Bieber diss track

    Check out my new music video a Justin Bieber diss track
  8. Sammie

    Music You need a Music Video?

    If someone needs a Music Video done for their song that they created message me and we could get into the video. It wouldn't cost anything to be done and you could upload the video to your channel and have it as your official Music video.
  9. The Mach Project

    A Dance Music Video about being a small YouTuber

    Let's enjoy following our passions while we can! :)
  10. Crab Lord

    My First Music Video! Show some love if you want!

    Hey everyone, this is my first music video of more to come. I also have more music on my channel so it would be awesome for you to check it out. Thanks!
  11. D

    Short Film Videographer looking to collab

    hi all, would like to collab with singer or band, to create music video location, Liverpool / Manchester UK thanks
  12. Balthazaar

    Botched: A (Badly Done) GTA V music Video

    This is a badly done music video from quite some time ago.It was done just after the Rockstar Editor hit the scene. I thought about scrapping this, but it's a piece of... history, if you will. The idea was sound. The execution... atrocious. Still, it is something that was fun to attempt. Thanks...
  13. NathanB

    Can You Critique My Video?

    Old Post, No longer needed. Thanks for the feedback!
  14. JuS Savage


    Hi everyone, my name is justin, but you could call me JuS Savage. I'm here to provide you with gaming music. You provide the gameplay, I provide the music and we give each other shout outs and collab long term if possible. I rap so if you like rap then hmu.
  15. MagesticDragon

    Other Make an Appearance in a Cover Video!

    I honestly am in dire need of people in my video. I have this vision on how to edit a video for a song cover. It's going to be a lot of work on my part (which I don't mind) but since I'm terrible at looking for people, why not have a collab with other Youtubers. So there's actually two (or...
  16. Livid

    Voice Acting Male/Female Singer Needed

    I need a Male or Female Singer to sing a 3 Min song and Record themselves singing it for a Music Video. (The Music video is not just going to be the person singing) I'll put your channel In My Featured section of my channel, I'll put you in the credits, and I'll put your URL In the description...
  17. Livid

    Music Singer Needed

    I need a Male or Female Singer to sing a 3 Min song and Record themselves singing it for a Music Video. (The Music video is not just going to be the person singing) I'll put your channel In My Featured section of my channel, I'll put you in the credits, and I'll put your URL In the description...
  18. Livid

    Music Looking for a song writer to for Rap/Song

    I'm looking for somebody to help create a Geometry based song for school. I get it it sounds really weird and not exactly fun but If we could make a really great song. Im going to direct a Music Video and its gonna turn out really cool and not like all the other Math based songs on Youtube...
  19. Ray Ramon

    Brand New Video by Ray Ramon - Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down

    Hey guys check out everyday hard-working people busting some moves to my new music video “Turn It Up ‘N’ Burn It Down” by Ray Ramon Support a fellow Independent artist by sharing and liking this video on YouTube Cheers Ray Ramon
  20. Ray Ramon

    Ray Ramon - Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down

    Hi Guys I have just recently released my new music video "Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down" on YouTube Check it out here featuring local talents in Newcastle, Australia. The song is about the everyday hard working people in various fields who just can’t wait for Friday Night just to turn up the...
  21. SZXDuncan

    Animation Looking for animators to create a music video for my music

    Hey Yttalk, The title pretty much explains itself. If you're wondering what music you will be animating, message me instead. :) Hit me up if you want to collaborate. I'll be roaming about here. Cheers Duncan
  22. HaileySimone

    Hailey Simone - Vertigo [Official Music Video]

    Track 3/4 of my upcoming EP, "In the Air" coming 10/21!
  23. Jawad Soomro


    Nicki Minaj is my favorite rapper, so I watched the video. I hope you liked my reactions and reviews. Enjoy. LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE Stay awesome.
  24. Rahi Official

    A Breaking Benjamin Cover!!

    Check out my Breaking Benjamin cover and other videos! :)
  25. MultiDragon129


    COW CHOP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cow Chop just hit 500,000 Subscribers!! I made a tribute video of their GIF on Twitter, I was...
  26. Roudolph Delaleu

    Review my latest video please

    I have just posted a music video and I would like to know what you all think about the music, the layout of the music video etc... thank you
  27. Bobby and Emily

    This Girl...

    Just made an awesome video to the song this girl, its wild.
  28. Jawad Soomro


    Browsing through YOUTUBE homepage, I came to know BRITNEY SPEAR new music video "MAKE ME". So I decided to react on this video. I did some review about her video. No Offense at all.
  29. Chieri

    Music New Music Group! Need some help with our videos...

    I have just created a new net-idol group called Symphonia. We will be producing both covers and original songs in multiple languages including japanese and english. We currently consist of 10 singers, 2 audio editors, a few possible songwriters, and an MMD modeler/animator. We are currently...
  30. Michael Lunatic

    My latest Cosplay Music Video has got over 230 views in a couple of days!

    Hey hope you enjoy my latest Cosplay Music Video. Filmed at Geeks Lincoln Comic Con at the Epic Centre in Lincoln! Must say it's my highest growing Video in the shortest time for me. Which has broken all my previous records and stats! Really Happy with it!