Gaming Looking for Musician to write original-ish song (SM64 Machinima Music Video Collab)


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Hi, I'm MarioMario54321, I'm a content creator on Youtube who deals with SM64 stuff mainly, although I'm trying to branch out from that, and so on.

Anyway, have you guys heard of Adult Swim's infomercial video, Too Many Cooks?

I'm looking for someone who can write a song just like it, but make it sound more original (like Annoying Orange's Too many fruits). I've attached a lyric sheet, but that sheet is not really what we'll be using since it goes to the melody of the original music, but it gives an idea. (Codes in "Too many codes" refers to color codes, like gameshark codes, that change Mario's colors)

The idea is for lots of color codes (Mario with other colors) like in sm64 stuff, crowding up the castle in SM64, and crazy stuff happens. I'll provide the visuals, but I need an original-ish parody-ish song to make the visuals to.

I'm willing to ask for it on commission too. And if you have a youtube channel, that's even better, or whatever page you have, it will be included, and this is a great way for more people to find us. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and we can exchange information and work out the details later.


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