Request (NOT PAID) Need someone who is good at mixing music.


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Hey, guys!

So I'm about to start work on a project (that I'm not gonna disclose here since I don't want someone taking the idea) and I need someone who can mix music together. I could probably do it myself, as I've mixed small pieces of music before, but I'm not a professional at it so it'd be pretty amateur. I CANNOT pay you for your service, so you must be willing to volunteer your service if you decide to contribute. I will, of course, credit you for your work at the end of the project. I plan on starting work on this project within the next week or two, so please be quick with your response if you're interested. It's much appreciated!

NOTE: I will disclose the idea for the project if you're interested. If you are interested, please be sure to add me on Discord at Jardon (Jordan)#3181

- Bluelaade
Hello! I don't know if you already had someone complete your project, but if you have any producing/music comp needs let me know!