Can You Critique My Video?

this is a really good video, i've been meaning to watch it and this makes me want to go watch it right now!!! really captures the emotions of he film. Keep at it, it was pretty good!! great song selection!!
You have to have a story going on in your video itself. Just combining a bunch of clips together to a song with stock effects won't drive viewers in. I can easily find anyone doing that on YouTube Really dig into the song lyrics, what they mean, and then create a mini-story using the clips in that.

After the video, I didn't really get the catch of what your channel will be about. It's fan made music videos, but what makes yours so special from the others? Why should I subscribe? Your editing skills being different won't cut it. You have to find a thesis or mission statement for your channel that makes it unique from the others.

Also helps if you spread the same effects you use out a little more. It feels like you are using the same effects over and over.
Without sugarcoating, alright? :D

Editing: 9/10 - really, good job
Story: 5/10 - doesnt really tell me much about the movie, basically what the user above me said.
Effects: 2/10 - the part that kinda ruins the video for me. All the green and pixelized and thermal camera stuff, I didnt like that at all Im afraid.

Your editing however is so good that Id tell you to keep doing this kind of stuff, but make sure it tells a story, and ditch those effects, your editing is good enough to keep the focus on the video imho.