1. Mr Danny

    Goodbye, Room...

    Not to be confused with that great movie "Room", which I honestly enjoyed quite a lot. Very thought-provoking. Go watch it. But before that, watch this completely unrelated video! It's better than being locked in a small room for years, that's for sure!
  2. Mr Danny

    Finding Dory?

    Finding Dory is out and about! Go watch! Ellen DeGeneres deserves it! Look at all those exclamation points! Anyways, watch this video to see what I think Finding Dory is about! I'm probably right, as always....
  3. Mr Danny

    June Flavourites

    PLEASE let me share with your my favourite flavours of the month. I swear it's not as dumb as it sounds. That's a lie. Maybe it is. I mean it definitely is. But... yeah. FLAVOURITES IS A GREAT PUN THOUGH!
  4. Mr Danny

    Flag Day!

    It is exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of flag day, in the dumbest way possible. I feel like that's all the introduction you need. You can imagine the rest yourself. Or if not (and if yes) check the video out!
  5. Mr Danny

    Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman - Dumb "Review" (Album Absurdity #6)

    I like music. You like music. Then why would you not like this dumb, pointless review which isn't even a review but I don't have enough vocabulary to describe it correctly? THERE'S NO ANSWER!
  6. Mr Danny

    The ULTIMATE Infomercial

    Let me try to convince you to buy something! It's not something you can actually buy... so it's not a real infomercial.... woops... i'm gonna stop talking now.... INFOMERCIAL!
  7. Mr Danny

    My Own Social Media

    It's a great social media. It doesn't exist, it probably never will, but that happens to the best things in this planet. BUT I THINK IT'S GREAT. A bit messy, but aren't we all?
  8. Mr Danny


    I hit 100 subscribers! What a number! What a great number! This is a celebration video on hitting that milestone. Don't worry, it's much less sappy than a tree.
  9. Mr Danny

    NEW Famous Movie Endings!

    NO SPOILERS! CALM DOWN! This is just how I think some popular movies should've ended, whether that is by making them more realistic, or the complete opposite, by including a giant magical Oscars statue.
  10. Mr Danny

    CHILL! - A calm, hopefully funny video

    Just a chat. About nothing really. That's not a great selling point. Hmm. THE COOLEST VIDEO EVER!!!! Is that better?
  11. Mr Danny

    How To: Twitter! (Not Really Though)

    Tiwter is great. We all know that. But you know what's better? A dumb video of a guy talking about Twitter. Obviously.
  12. Mr Danny

    The NEW 10 Commandments

    RENEWING THINGS IS FUN! Well then let's review one of the most popular segments of the most sold book in the history of mankind.
  13. Mr Danny

    Interviewing Randy The Plant

    Have you ever wondered what plants think? Then click on this video! (Not that you'll get an answer, I would just like it if you clicked. And subscribe, since you're at it. Am I being too needy?)
  14. Mr Danny

    Horoscopes - Divine Danny

    LET ME TELL YOU YOUR FUTURE! 100% ACCURATE HOROSCOPE READINGS! THIS IS NOT A PARODY OR COMEDY VIDEO. Although if it was, it would be funny. Funny enough that you should check it out.
  15. Mr Danny


    Clickbaits are weird and wonderful and stupid and funny. So let's take a look at some of the best clickbaits ever made (by me so they're not that great but whatever)
  16. Mr Danny

    Leap Day Celebrations!

    I LOVE LEAP DAY! AND SO SHOULD YOU! So here's a list of things you can do on such a cool day. They're completely real and appropiate. Trust me.
  17. Mr Danny

    Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco - Dumb "Review"

    I review Panic! At The Disco's new album. I say things about it. I like it.
  18. Mr Danny

    Shipping Ships - The Game Show

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, let's ship ships together! (WARNING: it's pretty dumb)
  19. Mr Danny

    Pancake Art! Lots of them and completely "original"

    Look, pancakes have always been pretty cool, but now, they've reached a new level of cool. ULTRA COOL. Yep, that's right. Check it ou! :)
  20. Mr Danny

    I Have Questions

    Newest Video! This week, I have a lot of unanswered, very "intelligent" questions...
  21. Mr Danny

    New Channel Design!

    I've revamped my design. This one, unlike the last one, was not done on Paint. #progress TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, PLEASE (about the design and the video, not about any other unrelated topic. thanks)
  22. Mr Danny

    Amount of videos vs. Promotion

    Hello YTTalkers! So as soon as January ends, I'm gonna have a lot more time to spend on YouTube, and I was wondering what you guys thought would help grow my channel the most: uploading 2 videos a week (instead of only 1 like I 'try' to do now) or spend the time that it would take me to make...
  23. Mr Danny

    Hopes for 2016

  24. Mr Danny

    Top 15 Events of 2015

    A dumb 'Year in Review' video. Hope you enjoy! :)
  25. Mr Danny

    Viscous Christmas - A "Poem"

    Prepare yourselves for the best poem of the season, a true work of art, the finest winter literature: Viscous Christmas Disclaimer: There's nothing viscous in the video, it's family friendly
  26. Mr Danny

    Banner Help

    Hey guys! So I've had my channel for about 1,5 years and I think it's time for a change of image. I want to come up with a new design, especially for the banner. Do you guys have any tips and tricks, or just some general advice? I know the basics, like keep it relevant to your channel and your...
  27. Mr Danny

    What Makes a Good Intro?

    Just as the title says, I was wondering what you guys consider to be a good intro to a video. Not the actual introduction as in "Hey guys, today I'm talking about...". I mean the screen with your name and the little music thingy. How long should it be, what info it should contain, what type of...