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    IF YOU'RE STRESSED WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU'RE NOT STRESSED WATCH THIS VIDEO JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO That was such a stressful introduction, gosh, what have I become?
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    Coming Soon...

    Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...Coming Soon...
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    How To: CELEBRATE!

    Wanna have some fun...? Yeah...? You do...? Great.. BUT TO LEARN HOW TO FIRST WATCH THIS VIDEO! SO EDUCATIONAL! SO FUN! SO... SO.
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    Post-Valentine's Day Break-Up

    Love is dead, long-live love! Love oil (like olive oil but not) Anyways, Valentine's Day happened, people broke up, here's how to do it. Boom! Efficient video description.
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    Pancake Art Designs! #2

    The best series in YouTube is back for a very much needed second part! You guys have (not) been asking for ages for this, so of course had to oblige! And here we are! Better and improved and still disappointing and with a misleading title.
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    Protests are a thing that people do and here's a thing I did about people doing protests it's dumb it's funny it's politically poignant and it's perfect for youuuuuu
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    A Sweet Surprise

    Yes, I usually make dumb "funny" videos, but I am a very versatile entertainer. I can also make very inspiring, heart-warming videos, that'll make you sob your eyes out and call your mum to tell you love her whilst you drink a warm cup of hot chocolate.
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    NOT 2016 In Review

    After a year of strenous fight, we have finally defeated 2016. Wow. What a battle. Not even Sun Tzu could've defeated that foe easily. But now it's time to NOT look back at this year, and NOT reflect on it's major events and NOT discuss them in a NON-comedic manner.
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    My Official Christmas Message

    Merry Christmas! How is it merry, you ask? Because this video is a thing now! Just like all other powerful political figures, I have my own Christmas message. It's better than theirs though. Judge by yourself (although judging is bad so...)
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    On the first day of Christmas...

    You know how the song goes. Except you don't know how THIS song goes. And there's only way to find out... WATCH THE VIDEO! :)
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    Super Useful Christmas Guide

    Do you like consumerism and capitalism? Buying things? Then this is the video for you! It has the best gift ideas for your loved (and not so loved) ones! Hope you enjoy it (and buy the things I tell you to in the video) (that's kind of a joke you'll get it if you watch the video) (lots of...
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    Christmas Carols

    Happy Christmas everybody! And no, it's not too early to celebrate Christmas, okay? So to celebrate the beginning of Christmas, here's a video about Christmas Carols! Which somehow turned into complaining about children. Just watch it, you'll get it.
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    Thanks Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! You're supposed to say thanks now. Thanks. You're giving thanks. Thanks-giving. Thanksgiving. So as you might have guessed by the amount of times I've said thanksgiving in this post, this video is about Thanksgiving and giving thanks. Which reminds me: thanks.
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    I Have a Cold... that's it

    I Have a Cold is a piece which is pretty self-explanatory. I have a cold and I talk about it. In an entertaining manner. Although I don't actually talk a lot about the symptoms, or the feelings, or the disease itself. Yeah idk. Just watch it. Thnx bye.
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    Lady Gaga's Joanne - DUMB Review

    Lady Gaga! Joanne! Existentialism! If these words mean anything to you, then this video is made specifically for you. Yes, YOU. Not the creep behind you, YOU! It's, as the title explains, a dumb review of Lady Gaga's Joanne. And it's dumb because it's not an actual review. There you go...
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    Halloween Spoops!

    Boooooo! Boooo! BOOOOOO! No, I am not booing you off the stage (although get off there you're embarrassing yourself), I am trying to scare you! Because that's what Halloween is about! That, and capitalistic tendencies promoted by the sugar industry. So more on that on this video! Watch it! Plz.
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    The Mr Nobel Danny Awards Prizes

    Award season has not begun at all, but that doesn't matter because The Mr Nobel Danny Awards Prizes are too special to be related to any other awards. Why, you ask? Well, watch this video to find out. Althouh I must warn you, the answer is not in the video; it's in your heart.
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    My Horcruxes!

    I AM VOLDEMORT REINCARNATED! No I'm not but I know my fair deal about horcruxes! No I don't but I still talk about them in this video and which objects I would have be my horcruxes. Maybe it can be your inspiration?
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    Welcome, Autumn! And bye summer you jerk

    It's autumn! Which you already know because you've drank 3 pumpkin spice lattes today. Well, fine. I'm late to the party. One day late. Whatever. Wanna say goodbye to summer with a beautiful eulogy? Give autumn a toast? Well I did it first IN MY NEW VIDEO! (the one you see above, duh)
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    Dating Desserts!

    For all you dessertsexuals out there! If you've ever seen a delicious, warm, gooey, soft, intensely chocolately brownie and thought to yourself "DAMN, I want to date that sugary angel", then this video is for YOU! Go ahead! Watch it and make your dessert dreams come true...
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    Back To School Extravaganza

    Are YOU *points finger* going back to school? Yes? No? Who cares! Just watch this video.
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    200 Slaves! I mean, Subs!

    So after ~2 years in YouTube (but been constant since about a year) I finally hit the magic number of 200 subscribers. Why is it magic, you ask? Well, because I'm excited about it. And human excitement is magical.
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    How To: Birthday Cards!

    Hey you useless piece of human! Do you want to learn to do something right for once in your puny slave life? Good, then watch this video! You can learn how to do some really great, emotional, impactful birthday cards for your loved ones (and other). :) :) :/ :)
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    100 Layers of Human

    Don't you love being complicated and having layers? Yeah me neither life is hard. But it's what we got so we might as well understand it. And where can you reach an understandment of the human psyche? A stupid YouTube video based on a dumb tag! Obviously! ...onions...
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    I'm Sick

    SSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! It's fine if I'm desilusional for once because I'm sick. What's your excuse you crazy person? Sorry, didn't mean to be rude to you. It's the sickness talking, not me. (well maybe a little bit of me). Hi.
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    Summer Lovin'

    Cause what's better than summer? LOVE! Or not. Not loving is fine too. Makes you a psycopath but I'm no one to judge you. But you can judge me all you want just by watching this video. Come on, JUDGE ME!
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    Fun with Acronyms!

    Yeah okay I realise how truly stupid that title sounds. But don't the best things in life sound stupid? Coca Cola? Free education? Dogs? I don't know what I'm about. Cool. Great.
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    Things To Do If You Don't Have Pokemon GO

    Pokemon Go: the game that is sweeping the nation... AND THE WORLD! And here's is the video that is gonna sweep... my floor. Cause that's the only thing it's good for you. But don't take my word for how bad/insanely great this video is. Go watch it! Clean floor for everyone! :)
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    BuzzFeed Quizzes by MrDanny

    BECAUSE I MAKE MY VERSION OF EVERYTHING! I'M A NARCISSISTIC TWAT! In all seriousness, this video is absolutely great and perfect in every single way because I made it thank you very much byee
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    2 Year Channel Anniversary

    After 2 long years (cause of one them was a leap year) we're here now! Celebrate my channel's 2nd birthday with me as we tour through my favourite/best/funniest/dumbest moments! It's like one of those episodes in TV series where they just remember different scenes from the series instead of...