1. TeraVex

    Magmotic: A Cinematic/Video Gamey Combo

    Hi y'all! I have a new tune for your ears! I combined elements from the OSTs of the new Doom and Mario 64 to create a sort of hybrid piece that could fit into a lava level of sorts! Check it out!
  2. Laitz - METALSTEP

  3. V

    Music Underground Artists - Suggestions/Promotions

    Anyone know any good underground artists/producers I can listen to ? Any genre is fine. Also if you make music yourself, link me some of your songs and I'll post them on Vagrant Music (upcoming YT channel) . . . Vagrant Music - Music Promotions
  4. Frontier Forge

    Charcoal Forging

    Iron working has been around for thousands of years. Rome built an empire that lasted 1480 years by using iron weaponry, long before the age of coal and propane. But, there are some out there that can't wrap their head around the fact that you can forge with wood/charcoal. Indeed, you can! In...
  5. P

    Music Collab wanted for music videos

    Hey guys, If you feel like collabing on a music video,video game related like a game tribute but with original song,give me a message in here My channel username is pluviaaeterna on YT if you want to see what I do What I want: You have more than 100 subs on your channel Keep the collab fun and...
  6. The3rdFace

    Music Producer / Sound-Engineer for Long Time Collab

    Hey guys The next 2 years will be a LOT of work for me, but I also have a lot of material! My main problem to release music at the moment is solely the mixing and mastering. While basic mastering can be handled by plug-ins, the mixing should be hand-made. I'm looking for a passionate Sound-Tech...
  7. Kasagi


    finally got one video with 500 views and a 2nd almost there to, quite pleased with my self :)
  8. Kush Patel

    Sepultura - Machine Messiah // Busted Speakers Album Review!

    Let me know how you feel in the thread or comments!
  9. MagikMike

    Music Looking for Singer and Drummer for Metal Cover of Ariana Grande

    Yep, you read that right :P I wanna do a metal cover of Ariana Grande's Side To Side, and I will be playing guitar, bass, and doing the production myself. For the vocals, ideally I'd want someone who can provide gritty cleans if that makes sense, (think like James Hetfield or something) so...
  10. Kush Patel

    Music Trying to Start a Music Review Channel!

    Hey YT Talk! My name is Kush and I have and idea for a new YouTube channel. So from as far as I can remember, I have been a fan of music since forever. I will listen to anything Rap, Metal, Rock, Country, EDM, and almost anything else. So being a fan of music, I am also critical of all music...
  11. Monolith Music And Games

    What Bands Are YOU Guys Excited To See This Fall/Winter?!

    HEY EVERYONE!!!! Check out my latest video where I talk about what bands I’m excited/will be missing this fall/winter!!! Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel :)
  12. Monolith Music And Games

    Just hit 100 subs!!! Where should I go from here?

    I had just hit 100 subscribers the other day (I'm at a whopping 107 now) and I can't helpe but ask... where should I go from here? I've been streaming a lot of video games lately, and that's been a decently big increase in views and a huge increase in subscribers and my own little community. I...
  13. Monolith Music And Games

    Do you like rap? Do you like metal?? Then check out this band!!!

    Fire From the Gods just released their fantastic debut album "Narrative" and you should check out my review!!! Please subscribe if you enjoyed my revuew for more album reviews in the future :)
  14. Skulletgirl

    Beauty/Makeup Tattoo/Alt Fashion Collab

    I'm looking to connect with other Youtubers who are into tattoo culture and/OR alternative fashion and makeup. 18+ please, I sometimes use profanity and comedy in my videos but I am super nice! :)
  15. Boredom Killers

    My comedy bands first proper set!

    Weve done a few open mics, but could only do 10 mins. This is the first time we have been able to do a full comfortable set to show what we can do! Boredom killers is a comedy series as well as a band:
  16. Boredom Killers

    Metalhead Haircare Tutorial! (Comedy/Educational)

    This is my one and only contribution to the beauty and make-up section of youtube, I really hope to not only educate, but also to provide laughs! Apologies for the less optimum visual quality, this was made five years ago on a phone camera - made for fun on a budget!
  17. sbrewer918

    Westfield Massacre - "Build Your Thrones"

    My band Westfield Massacre, have just released our new music video for "Build Your Thrones". Our band features former Divine Heresy/Snot frontman Tommy Vext. We are all really proud of this video and hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks!!
  18. sbrewer918

    Cradle of Filth - Guitar Covers

    I have lots of guitar covers on my page. There is a significant amount of "Cradle of Filth" on there, so I figured I'd post some! There are loads more on my page! :) Ranging from in the last couple months, to couple years lol
  19. PetteriHorn

    drumPete - Drumming videos!

    Hey guys! I'm kind of new here in the forums, just purchased my first VIP package. But let's get to the point! I'm posting drumming videos, mostly covers for songs I personally like, but also shots from my band's gigs or just practicing my own material. I have also created one "Tribute" video...