Music Looking for Singer and Drummer for Metal Cover of Ariana Grande


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Yep, you read that right :p I wanna do a metal cover of Ariana Grande's Side To Side, and I will be playing guitar, bass, and doing the production myself. For the vocals, ideally I'd want someone who can provide gritty cleans if that makes sense, (think like James Hetfield or something) so singing rather than screaming but with a bit of an edge to the vocals. But to be honest I'm open to consider anyone who can sing, regardless of your vocal style.

For the drummer, don't bother me with offers to program the drums for me....I'd be perfectly capable of doing that myself. I'm looking for an actual human drummer lol.

Must be willing to send a video of you playing as well. I will put a link to your channel in an annotation, description, and in the comments. I'll also be more than happy to play a part for a video on your channel in return.

Let me know if you'd be interested in doing a collab with me!
Can't sing for s**t, but I am so looking forward to this. Quality metal covers are hard to come by.

It will be my first attempt at a metal cover, so we'll see how it goes ahaha. I don't know what type of metal you're into, but I think I might be aiming at a slightly less-polished sort of sound than most modern metal, maybe a 90s Black Album Metallica or Pantera type sound but we'll see how it ends up.