mental health

  1. TheEzeJC

    Do you have any tips on how to keep that positive attitude towards making videos?

    Lately I have been feeling inspired to make videos, express myself, and just enjoy my time playing. The thought of what I can make just fuels me with the energy to run in the streets and yell my happiness: Though as soon as I’m about to start a recording... all my excitement slowly fades away...
  2. W

    Serious Question

    I know that most you, due to being in this community, will say yes to this question. However, I feel it necessary to ask it, not only for my own benefit but also to have a broader discussion on YouTube. The question is this: Is being a YouTuber worth it, and should someone who is focused on...
  3. Austin Armstrong

    Other Anyone in mental health or digital marketing tutorial space?

    Hi everyone! I manage two channels, one a mental health, psychology, addiction oriented channel as well as my own personal channel that offers digital marketing strategies and tutorials. I would love to collaborate if anyone is interested in either of these spaces!
  4. Calvin Joseph Terlizzi

    Vlog Looking for Collaborators for My Channel on Mental Health/Psychology.

    I started blogging about mental health and psychology back in 2012 and have recently realized I need some collaborations to have more material to work with. Maybe we could even start a new channel together? I'm looking for someone with a lot of knowledge and perhaps even personal experience on...
  5. WindexGamer

    My Story. Mental Health Awareness Week

    Hey guys I've posted this video to talk about my story and it was worrying putting something like this up. I also talk about where you can get help in your time of need so if you can relate or think this video can help and do someone else justice to show they are not alone then by all means...
  6. Kyra

    Other Looking for Mental Health YouTuber or ANYONE looking to grow

    Hey guys! I do mental health videos that aim to entertain and raise awareness. I am just trying to get the word out about the mental health crisis, but I've been having some difficulty. If ANYONE is interested in helping, I'm sure we can find a way to both benefit even though I am a new...
  7. Kyra

    What to do if I have a difficult niche?

    Hey guys! I post videos that aim to raise mental health awareness. I feel like this is a very specific niche that isn't as popular as beauty or gaming. So, there should be less competition, but I'm still having a lot of trouble breaking through. What do I do? Anybody else out there produce...
  8. georgia grace

    Other mental health or book related collab? :)

    hey guys! my channel is centered around mental health and i'm hoping to add some videos on books into it in the near future as well. my hope is to talk about my experiences and encourage others to seek help :) i was thinking of a collab where we do a tag video on either mental health or one...
  9. Emily Pruna

    Accepting My Crazy Brain

  10. The Light Life Project

    Check out my video on depression in college!

    Here is the link to our first video I created an organization called The Light Life Project. The organization raises depression awareness through events, activities, and workshops through college campuses and online, funds mental health research, spreads positivity through social media...
  11. darkstarmedia

    Mental Health Awareness Week: Let's Talk About Happiness

    In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, I bring you a video in which I talk about happiness, what causes happiness in the brain and what life is like for those with bipolar disorder. At 19:35, there's a special message for all of you, so feel free to skip ahead to that if you can't or simply...

    Suffer from Anxiety and Depression? I have just the video!

    If this video helped be sure to check out my other content.

    Vlog 500+ Subscribers looking to interview youtubers

    Hey everyone, My names Liam I make videos under Liamodearme. I'm looking for some people to interview over the next couple weeks. I'm looking for: Straight people Gay people Individuals that would be open about talking about their mental health My channel is geared toward talking about...
  14. SherlockCupid

    How Does ADHD affect: Your Brain!

    As a guy who has ADHD (ADD) I've noticed that there are many misconceptions about the condition and what it actually does to the brain and how in turn that affects our day to day lives. I've been a victim of those misconceptions from the moment I was officially diagnosed and even before that...
  15. Raymond Baxter

    Alba Lnz, Alex Cupid and Raymond Talks

    Hi all - here is a cool collaboration video we do every Friday night about Mental Health. We all found each other on here actually :)
  16. AlbaLnz

    Depression, anxiety and mental health Q&A

    Hello guys, For the past month I've been working on bringing more awareness over these issues since it is a highly stigmatized and misunderstood topic. I struggle with depression and since the last episode I became a fighter and decided to help others, not only giving some advice but also...