1. L

    Relaxing jazz music

    Hi could y'all please check out my live at
  2. oti4500

    Can I live streaming with H265/HEVC encoding?

    Hello. Has anyone tried to livestreaming with HEVC encoding to YT (or any platform)? If yes and possible, what tool (e.g software or hardware) to use? Because in the OBS is just H.264/AVC encoding available, and I started to wonder why?
  3. A

    Why do my comments disappear in YT Live?

    This only happens on one channel. I can comment on her regular videos just fine, but when she does lives, I can't. I type up my comment, press send, and it disappears. I did it on her first live ever and I noticed that. I can comment on other YouTubers lives just fine.
  4. Chef Cotoletta


    First of all I want to apologize if it's not the correct place where to post stuff about streaming, but I guess my trouble is software-related. I ve been trying a lot with OBS studio and Streamlabs... but nothing at all.. I can't stream because the softwar don't see the images of my webcam. The...
  5. GameCable

    Music 24/7 Music live stream (help needed)

    So, 24/7 music live streams/radio stations on YouTube seem to be popular, so decided i'll have a shot at it. I'm in the process of finding music & saving it. But I need help... its hard to find Copyright Free Music on YouTube that's "good". I've probably just not looked hard enough. By the way...
  6. Mark Stise

    Live Streaming? What are the Do's and Don'ts???

    Hey Everyone I haven't done a live stream as yet and quit frankly I'm a little nervous about doing one. Why?? Well lets see. 1) I only have just under 500 subscribers so If I did do a live stream would anyone really show up? 2) What do I talk about in my live stream, I mean Q&A might be a good...
  7. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with A Phone - Step-By-Step Tutorial

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with A Phone // Live Streaming with an iPhone and Android phone is a great way to get a video out there quickly. Go Live on Mobile Live Streams to record events in the moment. Festivals, Holidays or even just Live Streaming on the go. Mobile Live Streaming is fair...
  8. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air - Step-By-Step Tutorial

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air // How To Live Stream on YouTube is a question I am asked all the time. The quickest way to live stream on youtube is with YouTube Live Google Hangout on Air. Live stream hangouts use the older YouTube live stream fast service built into...
  9. Alter

    Gaming Post Commentary Channel with additional Live Commentary content.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a long post. For all those reading, I have had trouble in searching for like-minded individuals seeking the same thing as me. So I brought it upon myself to well, create my own post specifically stating what I am interested in. Currently, I have two ideas I'd want...
  10. Diversified Unison

    Sam Smith Cover

  11. Sethology

    Gaming Looking for for players on pc that are 13-16 years of age

    Looking for for players on pc that are 13-16 years of age. Games I have are GTA V, Rocket League, and would really like to live stream Dead by Daylight. Requirements *Must be in the age of 13-16 *Must have be able to talk over discord or steam *must have a PC *must have dead by day light as that...
  12. buzzcuts

    YouTube-friendly livestreaming software that supports playlists?

    Hi all, I'm very new to livestreaming so apologies in advance if I've missed something obvious or failed to find an existing thread in my searches. I hope I have the terminology correct, here. What I'm trying to do is create a marathon livestream that supports both live video recordings and...
  13. T

    LiveStream Cross-Channel Chat help..

    Guys, I’m trying to do a Cross Channel chat with another you tuber, but cannot seem to find the program to do so.. Boxmining seems to do it like this in his latest videos but I just can’t find the info on how to do this. Can anyone help please?
  14. Diversified Unison

    Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers

    Share this song with with your love ones. Also lets remember those who we loved and lost.
  15. Element Arsenic

    Gaming PS4 (Fortnite & WWII) Live Stream Collab

    Hey Guys! I am looking for some skilled players to play some fortnite and WWII on live stream with me. The better we are the more entertaining the content is! I will be live streaming tonight, so let me know if you are interested! Shoot me a message on youtube if you are interested!
  16. Sam Lyon

    Do live streams provide any value for a smaller channel?

    I am just wondering if a daily live stream would benefit any algorithm jazz, being that YT loves upload frequency. Or if live streams follow a totally different set of rules. I feel like it's great for audience interaction (depending on the niche) but if it relies on subs, it wouldn't really be...
  17. Rahi Official

    Live Session- Part 2

    2nd part of our live recording session.

    Gonna Live Stream Friday the 13th in 5 minutes!

    Maybe some of you can come watch me. This will be my second gameplay and all I wanna do is be Jason! Never have yet. I hope to see you on live stream.
  19. ImChazza

    The Chicken Dinner - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    In today's video, we get the chicken dinner on Duo's in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Enjoy guys!
  20. FraYoshi

    camera switching live on YouTube!

    What the hell is this?!? Anybody has an idea if It is experimental or if there's a way to do replicate this? :D Search for the Katy Perry's live :D
  21. MechaJake

    Tell Me About Your Streaming Experience!

    Hey Everyone, So I tried out streaming for the first time on my channel last night and had some surprisingly good results! For my first time, I didn't really think anything would come of it except maybe a couple on and off views with zero comments. I was pleasantly surprised however when I got...
  22. Conncast

    Celebratory Livestream tonight at 6 EST, Fun Q and A

    Doing a livestream tonight at 6pm EST to celebrate 50 subscribers (the celebration of mediocrity) and I would appreciate getting a few live viewers that would like to get to know conncast for once! I will see you there, I hope you can make it!
  23. Digital Puppets

    Services Live Cartoon YouTube Presenters

    Digital Puppets My Animation studio has started a new service Creating Digital Puppets that can be used to present shows on your youtube channels. Using Adobe Character Animator we are offering to supply Fully rigged Custom Cartoon designs that you can animate yourself using a webcam, these...
  24. O

    Anyone notice YouTube removed FanFunding?

    YouTube removed FanFunding and replaced with Super Chat which is Live Streams only. You pay to get your comments above others who don't pay. When someone watching your stream pays you earn money. But the Fan Funding for non live stream videos is GONE.
  25. CorinneBryan

    I might have cut my own hair.

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by :D This is my latest quick video of when i decided to cut me a fringe on facebook live feed. aha ! Take a lickle peek :3
  26. rdavey14

    Gaming Major World News Discussion / Debate , Multinational Group Discussion

    I was thinking of setting up a podcast in which people would chose a few news articles that interested them , they would be discussed either during a small session once a week or a large section once a month (for now). I was hoping to have as many people from different countries as possible , I...
  27. BubbleJunk

    Only live gaming...

    I have this buddy on YT who does gaming videos, but due to his situation he can only do live streaming. Is there any advice I can pass on to help him gain viewers? I've told him a schedule would help so people know when to catch him. Is there anything else he can do?
  28. KiddieToysReview

    Anyone experimented with Live Streaming?

    If so, curious to hear your experiences. What would it take to do a live stream outside on the move? A phone with 4G, would that work? What about software, is there something to download or is it done through Google chrome? Thinking of setting up a weekly "live show" but have very little idea...
  29. Bewilderment

    Short Live Action Fallout Skit

    Here is a skit I did for one of my all time favorite games.
  30. Puck Mitchell

    I'm streaming Dark Souls 3 PvP on twitch right now!

    Hey guys come check me out on twitch!!