1. IVY

    commentary channels and defamation of character.

    I have a commentary channel and I don't want to get sued for defamation of character. what can I do to prevent that from happening.
  2. Nicholas Thing

    Do you get a copyright strike from this

    I was wondering: Do you get a copyright strike if you upload a video from an orchestra playing for example Counting Stars.
  3. S

    leaving BBTV need help!!!

    Hi, I said to VISO that i was 17(not a lie) when i sign contract with them and now i want to leave and they replied: When a provider is under 19 years of age (a "minor") and either the provider or their parent or legal guardian notifies BBTV that they have entered into an agreement without...
  4. The Humming Boy

    Help! Copyright claimed by a random company?

    First of all pardon me for my total ignorance as I'm completely new here (in fact I've decided to join this wonderful forum to get help on this issue). I made a cover on the song "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber in Feb 2016. However just yesterday a company named ONErpm decided to claim...
  5. Nanonium

    Using Footage

    So basically I want to use footage, but I am not sure I will get in trouble or not, let me explain. I am playing Overwatch, the game ends, I hit record right before the play of the game and I record the POTG entirely. However, I did not ask for permission by the person who got POTG if they...
  6. neiro

    I'm going crazy. Music?

    Yes. Music. I've tried to find a good thread about this but didn't succeed. Where do people find the music they use? I've seen other channels do videos like mine and they use a lot of good music and I don't understand where/how they can use it without getting in trouble. I like to throw together...
  7. D

    How do YT News Channels work.?? How are they legal?

    Hey everyone, I have a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me out with. I have tried to understand the fair use thing and sometimes it's easy to figure out and others it's not. Another thing I am wondering about are news channels.. Lets talk about a news channels for a sec. I'm...
  8. MrDXZ

    Facebook Logo Rules and Regulations

    Ok, so I went to go download the Facebook logo to put in my videos. Well, they want you to specify the reason and two of them are "Online" and "Film & Broadcasting". I know clicking online would be necessary but when I clicked film and broadcasting, it wanted me to ask for permission and give...
  9. SeanFace101

    Can Background Music Cause Video(s) Being Deleted?

    If I create a video & upload it onto my YouTube channel and there is music playing in the background, could this be something that could get my video removed by YouTube? Im not talking about me putting music on the video as a backing because its a video of something with no noise, im talking...
  10. Omeo

    Let's Play Legal Issues

    Hey, everyone. Are there any legal hoops you have to jump through to become a Let's Player or can you just dive right in and start recording and posting videos? I've tried looking for info about the legal side of this genre, but I haven't found anything. What all do you have to do to become a...
  11. Aquachigger

    Jukin Media Disaster

    I need a little guidance, and hope I am not violating any rules here, but I have run out of ideas on how to tackle a problem with one of my videos that I licenced to JukinMedia. This is an issue that affects every YouTuber out there, and I have not seen it addressed in any threads yet. I will...
  12. Dani Girl

    Huff Post compilations

    You've all seen the compilations Huff Post does in their Lifestyles section. These have millions of views and they advertise on them. They've used my video twice. Never asked. And while they do put the Youtube channel on each one, i think they are pushing it legally. These compilations are not...