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I said to VISO that i was 17(not a lie) when i sign contract with them and now i want to leave and they replied:

When a provider is under 19 years of age (a "minor") and either the provider or their parent or legal guardian notifies BBTV that they have entered into an agreement without their parent's or legal guardian's permission and they now want to terminate such agreement, BBTV's policy is as follows:

1. The parent or legal guardian must contact us separately by emailing support @ bbtv com

2. The parent or legal guardian must send us an affidavit of the parent or legal guardian, notarized by a lawyer or notary public:

* swearing that the provider is a minor;
* stating that they are in fact the parent or legal guardian of the provider;
* stating that the provider did not have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to enter into said agreement; and
* stating that the parent or legal guardian wishes to terminate the agreement on behalf of the minor and release, discharge, indemnity and save harmless BroadbandTV Corp. from all losses, damages, liabilities, and claims arising out of or in connection with the execution of the agreement with the minor.

Please, note we also need the parent or legal guardian to include the minor's channel link as well as the following ticket number, *******, in their message.

Once we have received and verified the above documents, we will be able to process the release of the channel from our network.

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I need help what to do next I am 20 years old and i live in EU
I've moved this to the YT partnership discussion forum. ^^

I'm a bit told them you were 17, but then you say that you are 20. Do you mean you were with them for 3 years and they still think you are 17?
Yeah i with viso 3 years now(3years contract ended in 30 Nov 2016) and also my contract get automatically renew 1 year now because its looks like i have to inform them in last months of contract that i leaving ,so i start chatting with them saying wtf they doing until i got this message.
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I'd send them an email saying that you were 17 three years ago when you joined and now you are 20 -- well over the age of 19 -- and therefore no longer considered a minor.

Based on the first sentence,
"When a provider is under 19 years of age (a "minor") and...."

They used "and" not "or," so I don't think any of the blurb of text should apply to you.
Well thanks, i guess, but how they will know its about my case,you didn't give them my gmail or channel name?
Good luck. They can easily state that, while the original contract could be void, you are currently over the legal age of 18 and are fully accountable for the current, renewal, contract. Since you spent 3 years with them (2 as an adult) and never read up on how to terminate the contract, it will sadly be incredibly difficult for you to win unless they're being generous.