1. B

    Commentary TRASH TALKING WITH THE AAMERKATS!| Valorant Commentary

    I found a bunch of clips of me and my mates messing about on valorant, had a laugh just going through them all. So I thought I'd put them all into a little montage video and share it with you all for you all to watch and laugh along with us <3 TRASH TALKING WITH THE AAMERKATS!| Valorant Commentary
  2. Valentinas Playhouse

    Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

  3. We should love Scorpios

    FEEDBACK: Everyone says my vids are funny but not sharing

    People go on my instagram and say comments about how great my channel and really my instagram but they are not sharing or tagging. Or they telling me the truth? what is it? Can ya'll look at me channel and tell me?
  4. Brito21

    How to be a cholo!

    In this video a wannabe cholo tries to get jumped into egothecholo gang from cholo adventures but first he is told to rob some rivals house. When he breaks open the door he finds a lot of items such as laptops, cameras , and other valuables. This cholo remembers that he needs furniture for his...
  5. Brito21

    F*ck the Haters! (Brawadis Fan talking smack)

    Brawadis is a youtuber who reportedly got in a fight with a 16 year old at sneakercon because the dude was talking s**t. I left a comment on Brawadis channel asking what happen and one of his fans went on my channel talking s**t. When i leave comments, I dont leave negativity or talk smack...
  6. Brito21

    Best Rapper Alive! Comedy Skit

    Complex magazine and XXL have called this rapper the best mumble rapper of this generation. In this exclusive interview he spits some rhymes and thinks hes better than Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Lil Uzi Vert! Watch this comedy skit to see how he got his inspiration as a teen and how life was in...
  7. F

    Voice Acting Need Voice Actors

    i'm unable to pay you but I can give you shoutouts for your channels, I have one great series that im coming out with later this year its a little weird but I ran it through with a lot people and they like it. im looking for a few people with good mics to help me out on this project. male and...
  8. ProfessionalRik

    BULLY! Don't call it a comeback!

    I haven't made a let's play since September but I was super excited to make this one! Lemme get dem likes, comments, and subs, boiiiiiiii. ...Ya know, cuz ya like me.
  9. Zaquiri

    Just Cracked 2000 Channel Views :) On my way to 1M?

    Hey there everyone! I just came here to say that I cracked 2000 channel views last night! At the time of writing this, I have exactly 2,066 total views across 18 videos, averaging about 114 views per video. This is huge for me as a small YouTuber, but it's absolutely nothing to the larger...
  10. Life of Rachael


    So today I was thinking about a huge collab idea between comedy youtubers! This would be a great way to share our audiences and it would be pretty freaking epic... We could do prank videos or really any sort of comedy video tbh I don't care too much but I feel like this could help a lot of us...
  11. Staying Alive Comedy

    Bring Yon Smiling Faces Hither Prithee and Tell Me What Ye Think?

    I would love some feedback on yon video! Feedback on the comedy aspect is especially appreciated, but general feedback is great too! What could we do funnier etc?
  12. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Leicester YouTubers?

    Hi, I'm a 15 year old YouTuber who lives in Leicester. I'm looking for people to collab with. I'm planning to do skits, pranks, challenges and many other epic things. I'm currently at 244 subs. If you wanna collab, hit me up on either: YouTube: ItzKillG Twitter: ItzKillG Skype: killg786 Or even...
  13. paigelknowles

    This is my newest video!!!

    Hey look I made a funny video that will make laugh!!! Whether it be with me or at me it doesn't matter if you're laughing =] If you like this video make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on channel notifications so you can stay up to date with my latest uploads! I upload at least once a week!! Thanks...
  14. Roots_97


    Hey everyone:) I'm new to YouTube and it would be greatly appreciated if you all can check out my would you rather tag that I did with one of my friends :) Please Subscribe to my channel: LifeAsRoots
  15. Pierre Maynard


    Hello everyone so this is my first ever, gaming video I have ever made. So if you like Fifa videos then why not take a look at mine and tell me, What you thought was good about it and what was bad about it. I hope you enjoy this video if you do, give it a like, Comment about it, and share it...
  16. W

    How to become big on YouTube?

    So I've been doing youtube for about 5 years, but I started a new channel around 3 months ago and it's going pretty well. I make comedy vlogs and skits and have almost 300 subscribers and almost 10k views, nothing amazing but I'm pretty happy with it! From you guys that have done it yourself...
  17. Vickie

    News Jokes for November 5th!

    It's the latest episode of my news satire program, The Lunch Crunch!
  18. Joey McClurg

    Are Blondes Really Dumb?

    Well if anyone was curious the internet is a wealth of knowledge! Come with me on this journey!