Pierre Maynard

I Love YTtalk
Hello everyone so this is my first ever, gaming video I have ever made. So if you like Fifa videos then why not take a look at mine and tell me, What you thought was good about it and what was bad about it.
I hope you enjoy this video if you do, give it a like, Comment about it, and share it with your friends, Family, and relatives i would really appreciate it thanks! :D

great video, two things to work on :)..

1st Get fifa16 - people want to see the new fifa :)
2nd Make the face cam abit smaller - takes too much of the screen,

I like the intro & video editing is nice and clean :)
RichGuitarGamer: Thank you for the nice comment, :D im actually getting fifa 16 for Christmas so don't worry about that, :) and yep i can definitely make the face-cam smaller thank you for the advice i Appreciate it! :D
Hopefully you've got FIFA 16 now so you can get a Southend Career going and I can watch your progress! :)