1. JeggiTV

    What's a good game to Let's Play on Youtube?

    My buddies and I played many retro games for a long time. We want a little change, so what's a good current game to play?
  2. Yoursharkfriend

    Gaming Looking for different type of Gaming Collab

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a collaborator (or a few) do something rather different than your typical gaming collab. My channel is catered to gaming fashion and lifestyle. What gaming fashion is, is taking your favorite game or character and creating an every day outfit or casual cosplay...
  3. JuS Savage


    Hi everyone, my name is justin, but you could call me JuS Savage. I'm here to provide you with gaming music. You provide the gameplay, I provide the music and we give each other shout outs and collab long term if possible. I rap so if you like rap then hmu.
  4. R

    Gaming Xbox One Collab!!!!!!

    I'm a fairly new YouTuber looking for a group of other youtubers to collab with. Some games I play right now are Overwatch, Forza Horizon 3, Titan Fall 2 (When it comes out). I'm up to play most games as long as we can have fun playing them. Preferably looking for people who are at least 18+ and...
  5. E

    Gaming looking for funny ps4 gamers

    my ps4 user is erikgthelegend.... just be 18 or older with a solid sense of humor. and trolling is a must!
  6. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Looking for XB1 regular collabing partner/group

    Hi guys! First of all hope you're all doing awesome but today I wanted to say that I'm looking for a friend(s) who I can regularly collaborate with on Xb1 and not just a one off thing. I'm 18 so I prefer if you're around my age, and you need to be able to access skype and have a decent mic. I...
  7. jelson975

    What do all BIG channels have in common?

    How do you become a youtuber that everyone has heard of? I thought this could be a place to discuss things that every (or a lot) of youtubers who are hugely known have in common, and maybe discover all the secrets! For example, Most known youtubers have at least decent quality setup - clear...
  8. totallyAud

    Gaming PC Gaming Collabs and Ideas

    Hi everyone! It's been forever since I've been on here and youtube to be honest, however I want to get back into the habit of making youtube video and I was wondering if anyone wanted to collab and make some gaming videos and/or discuss ideas on how to make a gaming youtube channel successful. I...
  9. Marriagestart

    (For Gamers on youtube)in keeping with the curiousity...?

    I'm curious. i want to hear some real answers here, but still in curiosity. I'm using the community as i hope all of us do for some of these answers and to blather pointless thoughts that rattle around in my head. so here is today's question. As a content creator with the real intent to make...
  10. MAK

    Can't believe I actually hit 50 SUBS! :D

    I have been uploading for a month, and it really didn't start off with a boom, I didn't exactly know what I wanted to upload and from there things have been falling into place and working out for the best. Now I have 50 subs, and I am already overly excited about hitting the next 50 :D
  11. Marriagestart

    ~Poll~Curiousity and Opinions about gaming (please vote at least!)

    So, i'm curious. i'd like to compile a list for a project i am working on currently. What do YOU think makes a good youtube channel? is it new games? is it editting effects, and if so: what kind?. is it the way the gamer dresses? anything you can think of! I'm still new and working on my...
  12. FernandoMask

    Gaming Overwatch Collab

    Hey if you would like to play overwatch just leave a comment. Looking for gamers that play Overwatch and would like to grow their channel!
  13. Indestructible Potato

    Gaming FIFA collaboration ?

    hey guys just wandering if any fifa youtubers want to collab, btw my console is ps4, we can do a wager or a forfeit match
  14. Savage Gamerz


    Hey Gamerz, check my new video on Geometry Dash, hope you Enjoy and Subscriber if you like my videos Thanks.
  15. TGDS

    Gaming Looking for PC Gamers to collab with.

    Hey, my names Daniel, My YT is a gaming channel, and I'm looking to do some collaboration videos, with people of the same interest, we are up for trying any game, and our channel is only a week old and we have 20 subscribers already (Mommmm get the camera!!!) if you are interested leave a...
  16. MultiDragon129

    Any funny episode from a current let's play! =P

    What do you think is your best/funniest let's play that you've done currently. If you think it's a good episode from your series. Maybe a rage episode, or an embarrasing defeat that was so bad it was good. You wanna share what you've been holding on to then by all it here! =P...
  17. Chris Santoyo

    Gaming Nintendo-related Collaboration

    Hello everyone like many of us I am a small time Youtuber doing live commentary on video games. I was hoping that if anyone is interested in doing a collaboration they are more then welcome to message me. I don't have much to offer in terms of subscribers butt I do edit my own videos and know...
  18. AJ Bruh

    Why Are GAMERS Never Satisfied?

    Let me know what you think and come check out my channel for more!
  19. Mattaxol

    What do you use to record? (Gamers)

    What do you use to record, edit etc and what settings/misc... I use OBS 720p60fps, and I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 13. I also use an app called NoiseGator that actively removes background noise by adding a noise gate. Great app :) What do you use to record/edit? Any discrete/uncommon apps to...
  20. SensualC4

    Rainbow Six Siege: Hall of Shame - New Series

    A new top 5 series I've started with fails and dirty players/plays. In siege people always mess up, I decided to record those moments, I'm lucky enough to see, and share them in this list format. Enjoy =)
  21. WolfLink1126

    Gaming PC gaming collaboration?

    I'm looking to collaborate with some of you awesome looking people! PC multiplayer games I have: -Minecraft -FarCry4 -Team Fortress 2 -CS:GO If anyone has those games or any FREE games I could download(cause I'm broke) and want to collaborate you can message me: On here Twitter-WolfLink1126...
  22. JamiesVlogUK


    Hello Vloggers, Singers, Gamers, Voice Actors, Make Uppers and everyone else out there! So REWIND 2015 has been uploaded onto the web and while it puts the big named YouTubers in the spotlight, it makes me beg the question, WHAT ABOUT US?! We may not have that many fews and we may not be...
  23. JamesStaples

    Gaming Gaming Group (PC & XBOX ONE)

    Hey! i post 1-2 videos a week so im active on YouTube, Mainly looking for a few people who are funny and can have a laugh with, i mainly do comedy style videos but i feel like it would be 10x better wit a group of people need to be 17+ so message me if interested :D
  24. Nickel Earred Nick

    Suggested Titles

    Hey everyone! Just up early this morning, and I wanted to get a general consensus among youtube gamers on choosing games to play! What type of game would you prefer to watch or play?
  25. ThedarkFino

    What Do You Think!!

    What do you guys think about my new thumbnail for my newest video
  26. LordStencil

    Gaming Looking for Some Fun [PC] [+ Maybe PS3]

    I do have a PS3! And wouldn't mind doing something on that just I don't have a recording thing for it at the moment SO! You can record and I'll play with you! I got BF4 and Black Ops 2 on that! On other hand I do have a lot of PC games Here is a list: [PC] Evolvew Garry's Mod [Also Whole Valve...
  27. TheGamerBrigade

    Gaming Looking for 18+ Youtube Gamers

    We are a versatile gaming channel looking for a collaboration. We have the equipment to record any style of gameplay. If interested e-mail us at and we will talk further. Requirements: English, mic, fun personality, and age 18+. Ignore the channel link below, it does...