1. PJ Morrison

    Meet Up/Gathering Where are the "CAR"Tubers.!?

    Hello everyone, I'm PJ Morrison and I'm an up and coming YouTuber that vlogs about my life around cars. I'm a car enthusiast from Louisiana (USA) looking to collab or at least expand my clientele with more YouTubers that are interested in similar things. I take photos as well as edit them in...
  2. U

    Services FREE BANNERS FAST!!! *Limited Time Only*

    Hi everyone! So I want to improve my banner making skills and I really enjoy making them!! Also this is for a limited time so please comment FAST!! Requirements: -Color Scheme -Any specific characters you want? -Special style in mind? -Or tell me what you are looking for!! -CHANNEL NAME
  3. K.piddy


    HAAIIII all i have a video that might save yall some time in your beauty routine check it out
  4. Tomc3

    Having a YouTube music channel

    Hello guys ;), A week ago i had an idea to create a new music channel (only English rap music) for YouTube, from the day i created channel i uploaded a new video every day, now i have 9 videos uploaded (0 subscribers ; 158 views), but is it worth it? why don't i get any subscribers? how to...
  5. SuperBrolex

    Is this good?

    I posted my first video on Boxing Day 2015 (26th December 2015). As of right now, I have 992 subscribers. Is this good going, or could I be doing more to grow my channel faster?
  6. X

    Gaming Grow your gaming channel

    Channel Name: XtreeFull Subscribers: 61 Games: Cs GO. Unturned, etc. Platform: PC Intention: To share knowledge, help each other and grow our channels Preferred Age: 15+ Answer: Channel name Email address Age Platform Games Number of subscribers
  7. Jonatan Moser

    From 100 to 200 subs in only 3 weeks!

    I am so taken aback with the fact, that even though it took me almost a year to reach 100 subscribers, the count doubled to 200 in less than three weeks! I am extremely greatful that people are beginning to receive my content so positively, and I extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has liked...
  8. Tevan

    HOW TO GROW YOUR YOUTUBE QUICKLY. My first channel = 15k subs, My second channel = 261subs

    Hey, guys it is Tevan again. I created an account here last night and for those of you who didn't read my introduction message. Here's a little background on my youtube history as of now, my first channel ever which was once named "LyriczLegend4Ever" (now named "Tevan") has about 15k subs as of...
  9. Thestefag40

    MCN which Pays earlier than 1st?

    Hello YTtalk! So as you can see in title i need a MCN which would pay Earlier than 1st day of the month, ex: Earning for January to be paid on the end of February, I heard about QuizGroup that they pay around 17-18th each month but i also heard that they aren't that safe, So do anyone knows...
  10. Blerim

    Why is my channel not growing fast ???

    Hi guys I would love to get your feedback and also if you are experiencing the same issue , that you are not growing fast enough. I would love to see what you think of my channel , I improve every new video that I make over that last one , and still not growing fast enough.
  11. Mattaxol

    How do you stay upbeat/non-mono-tone in your videos?

    I just don't get it. I'm working on it, but I see YouTubers like JackSepticEye and pewdiepie who're just so upbeat and exciting in their videos. I've seen some of jack's old videos where he was so quiet like me. How did he change? Is it a thing you gain overtime? Do they just drink a lot of...
  12. supimnathan

    Blade and Soul | How to level FAST! (Tips & Tricks)

    BLADE AND SOUL TIPS AND TRICKS TO LEVELING FAST! SUBSCRIBE! Twitter: Steam Group: Facebook: Thanks for your time checking this out! <3 I'll check anyones out who takes the time to...
  13. Crawstax

    Services $5 - Banner + Avatar + Social Media + Source File

    ($5 USD, not YTTalk money) Please leave a reply below with the Skype username you will message me with! Skype me to purchase: aristotle.w NOTE: If the image above is very small, please Log in to YTTalk and try again!
  14. Moses Minchuk

    What are the best ways to grow your channel fast but yet staying in your niche?

    My second channel has videos but I found that my subscribers and views stay the same and it really stresses me out. Does anyone have any ideas of how you would grow your channel fast within a year?