1. lifestylencurls

    Outfit of The Day 2017 | LifeStyleNcurls

    1.Levi's - Black 2.V-neck Bodysuit - small 3. Forever21 booties
  2. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul #2

  3. V

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on certain makeup look

    any one looking for a collab with a makeup look. I am doing it for exposure of my account. Let me know if interested
  4. Ruxi

    Collab with me :)

    Hello everyone:winky: I am interested in doing a BIG collab with 2 or 3 (or even more) YouTubers. We can choose the topic together and everyone can benefit after this! Tell me if you'd be interested in doing this and being YouTube friends. My channel is: Ruxandra Alexa I'd love to hear back...
  5. JenniferBiana

    Beauty/Makeup Collabing and youtube friends!

    Hi guys, I want to collab w someone on youtube! meetups or long distance are both cool :) Not sure what to collab on, but im open to any ideas! I love fashion and makeup so maybe lookbooks or makeup challenge videos? Check out my channel to see if we would be a good fit! : Jenniferbiana (sorry...
  6. JenniferBiana

    Beauty/Makeup Collab

    Hi, I would be interested in collabing w someone on youtube! meetups or long distance :) Not sure what to collab on, but im open to any ideas! I love fashion and makeup so maybe lookbooks or makeup challenge videos? thanks! reach out to me! instagram: jenniferbiana Dm me :) or email...
  7. Heather White

    Affordable Workout Clothing Haul & Try On!

    An awesome haul from some of the cutest brands that I found at Ross! Workout Clothing Haul & Try On
  8. Iza Elle

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone from uk want to collab?

    hey guys ! I'm looking for someone who is interested in YouTube ! Just to chat and have a coffee and film together ! Drop me a message ! I'm from Ipswich, Suffolk UK !
  9. Lavinia Lahrese

    Beauty/Makeup Fashion/Beauty Collab Vid?

    Hey Youtubers! I'm looking for a collabo with another small youtuber to do a fashion/beauty collab vid. I have a couple of ideas that I think could work... let me know if you're interested :)
  10. ProjectAlpha101

    100+ Subscribers!

    Just reached my first 100 subscribers! I never thought it would happen that fast I am so happy but there is a long way to go! Consistency is key, I hope all of you reach your milestones and push towards your growth in the YouTube community. -Amir
  11. Cherry Tung

    Beauty/Makeup Fashion/Luxury Tag Collaboration Video

    Hey beautiful ppl, I'm hoping to do a luxury/fashion tag video, or anything beauty, fashion, or even advice related. Please message me or respond to the thread if you checked out my channel and believe we are a good fit. I really don't care about subscriber count, as long as you are dedicated...
  12. Christina Lado

    Beauty/Makeup Youtube Friends & Collabs? Located in DFW open to any Location

    Hey Guys! I am a 22 year old recent college grad and fairly new to Youtube! I have had my channel for 2 months now and have 555 subscribers so far. I am looking to collab with anyone who has similar content. I also am looking for Youtube friends because it would be nice to have someone to...
  13. Tamara Ten

    Just reached 1,000 subscribers!

    Hey guys, I'm so happy because I just reached 1,000 subscribers on Youtube! I appreciate any support on my channel and hope my channel will continue to grow. If you would like me to check out your channel then just comment on one of my videos. I'm always happy to support other small youtubers...
  14. HelenMorgan

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking to Meet Fellow Youtubers c:

    Hey! I'm Helen and I'm 18. I do beauty/fashion/lifestyle videos, and I'm pretty new to youtube so I would love to meet some other youtubers c: I have skype and I'm open to meetups if anyone is in the Cincinnati area ^_^
  15. MorganKelley

    Beauty/Makeup Long distance Beauty/Fashion Collab -

    Looking for a long distance beauty/fashion collab partner. I live in Texas so If you live in a close enough area I wouldn't mind doing one in person either. I'm overall looking for new friends on youtube and to expand my channel and help yours in the process as well. Hit me up on social...
  16. ColbzVlogz

    How do I fix this!??!

    What's going on everyone. So I'm going to get right into the point of this. When I open youtube and scroll down, 3 of my vlogs are showing up under the "Car Category" as you can see in the picture with the red outlines. Why is that?? My category is entertainment, but I originally started my...
  17. Shalyn

    Beauty/Makeup YouTube Friends & Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Shalyn, and I am a 13 year old beauty/lifestyle YouTuber. Although my cahnnel is based on beauty and lifestyle, I'm open to film any kind of video because I love to try new things! I currently have 49 subscribers, but I am willing to collab with anyone who has more or...
  18. Ms. Niambi Ayanna

    Other Let's Collab!!!! :)

    Hey guys! I am a new YouTuber and I would love to collaborate with some people to bring more traffic to my channel and just have fun working with someone that shares the same interest in me. My channel is mostly giving advice through a skit playing a therapist. It would be cool if I could have...
  19. Gia Cavalli

    How to style Leather Pants/Leggings!

    Let me know what do you like/love and where can I improve! :)
  20. Drippy Stache

    Beauty/Makeup LA Beard Love

    Hello Everyone! I do Bearded related videos, and I would love to film a comedy with someone who loves beards. We could talk about in a comedic way. Check out Drippy Stache on youtube! Cheers!
  21. Nathan Haych


    I feel like i've hit a wall!!! :( any idea i think of.. when I try and visualise the video in my head it doesnt look that great. Im a fashion stylist,So I want to make more fashion videos but i definitely DONT want the typical OOTD/Pickups/hauls/How to Style videos. I LOVE capturing nice...
  22. Gia Cavalli

    Monthly favourites! :)

    Hi, it's been a while since I posted on ytalk, would love to get some feedback if you enjoyed such video and where could I improve! :P
  23. Ruxi

    Beauty/Makeup outfits collab?

    i want to make a collab for an celebrity inspired outfits video. Anyone? My channel is: Careless Ruxi
  24. C

    Beauty/Makeup MAKEUP COLLAB

    I was hoping to find someone to do a collaboration with. I am actually 17 and just starting out with my beauty channel. My channel is really everything but focuses on mostly my Makeup and Fashion things. Things of Beauty anyways. If you would, you can email me at We...
  25. Doe

    Beauty/Makeup Back to school collab anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in doing a back to school collab with me? I wanted to do a dress code appropriate lookbook (or if you're more of a makeup channel I would do the lookbook and you could do a b2s makeup look). I was planning on uploading it on the 17th.
  26. Fee007


    Trends come and go. Acid wash is baaackk!! Take a look and see what you think. Can try in many different colors too.
  27. Fee007


    New nail channel!! A different approach to nail art tutorials!!
  28. Fee007


    Take a look at this free hand zebra print design! Animals galore!!:kiss:
  29. Fee007


    Remember acid wash!! They're baaaccck!! :cold:Take a look at this design!:)
  30. Emma Rego

    anyone want to collaborate? would love to make some new friends with similar interests!

    Hey guys so my Name is Emma Rego, i started the YouTube channel in january but only just started uploading on my channel. Heres a little more about my channel: Beauty - I love sharing the Cheap alternative to create that expensive makeup look, as i know most students are in a position like...