1. Fee007

    Tell me what you think about my channel

    Hey there everyone. Please take a look at my new channel and tell me what you think. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Fee007

    St. Patty's Day/Any Day Green Nail!

    Take a look at my first video from March! VERY different from my newer videos! nail art!
  3. Skulletgirl

    Dolls Kill haul video

  4. Fee007


    Animals! Animals! Animals! Take a look at this leopard print nail tutorial. And REAL animals as well...introducing....Angel and Sassie!!
  5. Fee007


    Take a look at my channel trailer to get a glimpse at what my channel is all about!
  6. Fee007


  7. Brunette Chiffon

    New Youtubers it won't happen overnight!

    Hello all ! I just wanted to give some encouragement. I am a new Youtuber as of the end of January of this year. I have posted about 59 videos and I have 904 subscribers. I have worked pretty hard to make sure that I am always trying have great content. For most Youtubers it is a slow and steady...
  8. dartropolis

    I just posted my beauty haul- what do you guys think?!

    Hello Lovely People! I just uploaded my first fashion and beauty haul- I was incredibly nervous about uploading it, but if you fancy it then give it a quick watch and let me know what you think! Check it out, my channel name is dartropolis I hope you're all having a fantastic day, Darcey x
  9. W

    Overall Feedback of my channel and first video?

    Hey guys, I recently uploaded my first video and some feedback would be really helpful. Anything from sound quality to video content to layout of channel would be very helpful. Thanks
  10. MistyEmma


  11. Occasional Vlog

    fashion help from Minnie Mouse. daily vlog #33

    So Dorothy wanted to know what the best dressed woman is wearing at Disney this year, there's only one person you need to consult, Minnie of course.
  12. RavenAlixis

    Beauty/Makeup COLLABORATION???!!

    hey guys! I have a subscriber count of 40 subscribers and I would love to collaborate with someone thats in that same range! I would love to do a lookbook, how i style, closet staples or anything of that sort! I would also be willing to do a makeup look too!
  13. Allison Chambers

    Beauty/Makeup BEAUTYCON LA

    Hey guys my name is Allison and I have a channel which is Its Alli!! So I'm actually going to my first beauty con EVER in LA and I wanted to know if any of you guys in the beauty community are going! I would to meet up with some of you there since I don't really know the LA area that well. If...
  14. Anjim

    Support Small Youtubers Project

    Any small Youtubers might ask this question. Is Youtube talking away views and subs? Do I feel like giving up because of this? Will I get notice and make this to a full-time job? I know there is no tool or sponsorships to help small Youtuber grow. I don't want to feel divided and I want to...
  15. BeautyByCat

    Check out my Channel?

    Hello everyone, I would be great if you could check out my channel! Maybe even subscribe or share! It would me a lot~ xoxo
  16. Danny.K

    I'M BAAACK!!!!!

    Hey guys!, well its been a while but I'm back now!. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at filming "A Day In The Life" :) please check it out and let me know what you think, also please like a subscribe! btw make sure to watch in HD
  17. Heather White

    June 2016 Goals For My Fitness & Beauty Channel

    What's up guys? I'm Heather and I'm a new YouTuber. I've hit my first 10 SUBSCRIBERS today!! I know it's not a lot, but I know I have to start somewhere. I was just excited to share that with you guys and hope you'll come check out my channel, where I post regularly. My goal for June is to gain...
  18. gabb789

    Beauty/Makeup LET'S COLLAB

    Hey guys, I am a 21 year old college student who just recently starting doing youtube. I am looking to do my first collab! I am thinking about a go to summer look, or summer lookbook, summer haul or whatever we may come up with. I am okay with just having a partner or doing it in a group -...
  19. incrediblyizzy

    Beauty/Makeup Lifestyle/Beauty Collab. Partner Wanted

    So, i've never collabed before, but since I am growing my channel, I decided to try doing a collab. video and possibly become friends afterwards. I create lifestyle/beauty/fashion etc. type videos on my channel and if you do too and are interested, message me here, on my YouTube channel, or...
  20. Jenni Nexus

    Milestones :-)

    Hi friends - just thought I'd chime in with some milestones I'm kinda proud of: Broke 3800 subs on my main channel recently - woo hoo! Broke 200 subs on my fashion-based DIYwithJenni channel Got my audio setup configured to accommodate voice acting.. made a new Playlist: Voice Acting ★ Jenni...
  21. Eclipse

    Conceptual Lookbook

    My last video before I leave for boot camp tomorrow! I did 5 looks that embody the feel of 5 different pixel horrors... Even if you guys haven't played the games, I would love to hear your thoughts. :)
  22. Bombiebru

    My First Business inquiry. How to respond?

    Hey guys so I do mostly beauty and fashion on my channel. Well I got an email today from a company called stylewe asking me to do a review. I'm super excited since this is my first one but I am not sure how to respond. I would like to do it but I want to make sure they know I will be honest in...
  23. mycatismyfriend

    Advice/Review/Feedback on My new channel!!

    Hello! I've just stared a new beauty/lifestyle/fashion channel. I would really appreciate if you could check it out. I am really looking for feedback on my three newest videos. I actually had this channel a while back, and that's why...
  24. Blair Thompson

    Other COLLAB!

    Hey Guys! I'm looking to collab with Youtubers with 300 subscribers or more. Male or Female it doesn't matter. My channel is based off my interests so there's videos from DIYs to fashion hauls. If you're interested in collabing message me:) Hoping to hear from some of you soon!
  25. Eclipse

    General Channel Review?

    Hello everyone! I leave for the Navy in one month, and have tried to work hard to have a channel in good standing before I leave. (Good standing meaning frequent, diverse content.) If any of you are willing, I would love a review on my channel in general... Branding, aesthetic, content... The...
  26. Dianna Diamond

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty / Fashion YouTube Collaboration

    :: ATTENTION :: - I am looking for someone willing to do a beauty or fashion related YouTube collaboration! - If You Meet Below Requirements, Contact Me! P.S. : If you're in the VA area, let me know! I'm also trying to put together some VA beauty YouTubers/Vloggers Events & Meetings...
  27. CarterSupplyCo

    New York Fashion Week Inspired Men's Fringe Hairstyle

    This is a video I filmed and edited. I have been testing new techniques and was hoping I could get some feedback/constructive criticism.
  28. S


  29. Ian Call

    Music Looking for music/men's fashion YouTubers for collab

    Hi there! I am a YouTuber from Tacoma, WA (close to Seattle). I am looking to meet and collab with some new YouTube friends. I am fairly new to YouTube and am in the process of bringing most of my Periscope following to YouTube. Doesn't matter where you are from, but it would be nice to meet...
  30. Bre

    Beauty/Makeup Spring Group Collab

    Hey I've seen a lot of group collabs going around and they look like so much fun! With spring right around the corner I was thinking of getting together with 4 other girls possibly and doing a collab! I'm open to any collab idea's!!! Check out my channel below I currently have 227 subscribers...