1. TheAllSenses

    Video review request (transitions, educational)

    Hi, The purpose of the video was to give a quick idea about a few specifies (25) that a person could see if he/she visits the Aquarium of Paris. I intend to make similar videos, so I would like to have your feedback concerning : Do you find that the transitions I used fit well the video ? How...
  2. K

    How To Pick A Master Lock With A Coke Can

    this is for educational use only!:)
  3. G

    Animation Looking for a partner to create a channel.

    Hello, my name is Georgi and I'm looking for someone to help me create a channel. Our goal will be to upload one video per week, 4-5 videos per month and reach 1,000 subscribers by the end of next year. So why is this thread in "Animation"? Well, to put it simply, I'm looking for an animator...
  4. S

    Camera like CrashCourse World History

    Hi everyone, I'm about to start an educational youtube series, that will be similar to crashcourse in that its educational in nature and will use infinite white for A role (crash course world history by the green brothers). I bought a PC that can edit 4k and 3 point lighting set up via amazon...
  5. Quick Question

    Is my video protected under fair use? - Parody, educational, benefits the market

    Please see my signature video about Game of Thrones. (If you're short on time see below) It's basically a rap song about Game of Thrones, making fun of it and what happens in it. I answer a question, Who's died in Game of Thrones, thus informing people (Does that count?), I use footage from the...
  6. Jack Rackam

    History Channel here looking for feedback

    Hello, all! Looking for feedback on my latest video. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out overall. I borrowed a friend's mic and so I was finally able to get good sound quality, a big improvement over my last videos, and I think I slowed down a tad so people could better understand me. I...
  7. Yusef472

    My new video is weak.

    Hi, I just finished working on a new video for my channel and it feels weak. The best way I can think of describing it is like a snow-cone without the flavouring. Compared to my other two videos I feel that the cinematography has improved heaps but the actual content is lacking. Feedback...
  8. javacentral

    Coffee in Israel

    So I had a guy on my AMA on reddit ask me to do a video on coffee in Israel. I said, heck, sure! Sounds good to me! Let me know whatcha think!
  9. darkstarmedia

    The 3 Most "Offensive" Swear Words

    This week, I talk about the meanings of the three most "offensive" swear words. I imagine you've already guessed what they might be, so why not give this video a watch and see if you were right all along? CONTENT WARNING: Contains (naturally) very strong language. Proceed with caution and enjoy...
  10. Adeelcool

    I'll watch every video

    if you have a viral video feel free to share it here because i want to see if there is a specific trend with viral videos and if you do not have a viral video yet share it so i can compare it to the videos that have gone viral and possibly tell you were you went wrong
  11. Come let's play

    New channel for children

    Hi everyone! I am new to the YTT but one thing i can say is that this forum is amazing. So much information you can use to improve your channel, so many good youtubers willing to support and give an advice. My channel is fairly new. There are only few videos on as i am trying to see what works...
  12. darkstarmedia

    Useless Butt Facts!

    I was away at Comic Con in London this last weekend, so I've been a bit quiet. Here's a video to make up for it!
  13. Yusef472

    Making hydrogen gas and igniting it!!!

    I make hydrogen using hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) and aluminum foil, and of course I burn it... Who wouldn't? :D Here's the video:
  14. Shehzad

    Gaming News - Overkill's The Walking Dead, Overwatch's new beta and Hideo Kojima

    Overkill announces new investment deal as well as delayed release for the walking dead. Overwatch beta also gets delayed until February to make way for new content. Last we have Hideo Kojima touring Sony, maybe he is secretly working on a new project!
  15. darkstarmedia

    Useless Banana Facts!

    What started off as a joke turned into a petition which turned into a video. Enjoy becoming experts on fruit, you big nerds.
  16. darkstarmedia

    What The Heck Is IPA?

    It's a new week, and that means a new episode of DSM Language! This time, I explain the basics of IPA, what it is and why it's actually really important. Enjoy, my lovelies!
  17. Around The World

    New YouTube Channel!

    Hello! I created this thread to have ideas from any of you that have more experience. I would like to know how can you promote a channel to get more viewers. I really would like to make the channel popular, it is educational and entertaining. The thing is that I don't want to make this channel...
  18. darkstarmedia


    Smarter in Seconds is back with another episode, this time about the 6 main animal types - from reptiles to fish to mammals, and more! Perfect for studying or just a quick refresher before school. It's only (under) 4 minutes long, so why not have a gander? Animal pun intended.
  19. darkstarmedia

    Pointless England Facts!

    The next video in my SMARTER IN SECONDS series is now live! Designed with shorter attention spans in mind, it's ideal if you're revising on English History or want to appear more cultured at your next dinner party. Go forth and learn, my friends! By the way, apologies for any sound issues...
  20. darkstarmedia

    Common English Mistakes!

    I think we've established by now that I'm very passionate about my words, and my Facebook News Feed is no exception to my scrutiny! Watch my latest video and see if you're guilty of any of these common mistakes!
  21. darkstarmedia

    Educational Comedy Channel | Review Me!

    Hey, lovelies! I joined this forum not too long ago, and I'm loving it so far (as my number of messages and cash will tell you, ohohoho). I'm hoping to hit 250 subscribers by the end of the year (if not, I'd be super stoked to reach 200)! TL;DR: Click my channel down below, and give me your...