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Hello, my name is Georgi and I'm looking for someone to help me create a channel. Our goal will be to upload one video per week, 4-5 videos per month and reach 1,000 subscribers by the end of next year.

So why is this thread in "Animation"? Well, to put it simply, I'm looking for an animator, someone who can animate and isn't afraid of a challenge.

Okay, then what is the channel about? The channel's main focus will be mythology, we will cover every myth and legend from every corner of the world, starting with Greek and ending with Argentinian.

But, why mythology? The reason is simple, I noticed that there aren't any good YouTube channels that focus strictly on the myths and legends of the world. You've got your histories, geographies and even alternate histories but no one is making videos on probably the most interesting part of the ancient world, the myths and legends of that time.

If you are interested or have any questions, leave a comment or PM me and we will discuss this further.
Thank you for taking your time to read this thread, I really appreciate it.

EDIT: The animation style I am looking for is "Lineless" or "Cutout" but any style would do fine, so if you can animate in general and are interested, message me.
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what kind of animation are you looking for theres allot of different types and styles that u should specify
The OP of this thread hasn't visited the forums in over 11 weeks, so I've locked this thread to prevent confusion about active collaborations.
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