1. Impu1s3

    Services Stunning Thumbnails for Your Channel

    It's no secret to anyone on this forum that a thumbnail plays a BIG role in the number of views on YouTube. I am a graphic designer with 7+ years of experience. recently I decided to start offering services for YouTubers. I offer the following services to your attention - Creating a amazing...
  2. RhysCoward

    Other Clothing Business Partner / Designer

    I'm looking into starting a clothing line and sponsoring different youtubers but i need some people to join me below are some different jobs that need doing Head Partner mainly looking for someone with 100+ interactive subscribers to promote to professionally minded serious enquires only this...
  3. Tobe Gaming

    Request Gaming Youtube Channel Request.

    Afternoon guys... brand new to the forum... I am Tobey, 28 and from the UK. I'm married and have two kids. I am starting a gaming YouTube channel and would love some help with some graphics... (Banner, Thumbnail and Intro/Outro video) I will try to explain what I'm after... BANNER.. A police...
  4. Raid Chico

    Request VFX Intro Designer Needed

    Hey, I'm currently looking for an EXPERIENCED VFX designer that can make an Intro for me. If you are a VFX artist yourself, please send me some of your work maybe like your portfolio so I can see what kind of designs and things you can do. I really need someone who can make a sick Intro for me...
  5. Rachel Stewart


    Hi, my name is Rachel Stewart, in a documentary filmmaker and I'm looking for a graphic designer to do some free or cheap work for me, I'm looking for a movie online poster to promote my documentary, below is the type of style I'm looking for, Thanks for your time! -Rachel
  6. Davetp

    Request Needing a New Intro for my Brand New Show (Dave & Co)

    Hey Guys its me Davetp, and I have a request for you guys. I am currently working on a brand new show called: Dave & Co where I along with several 'characters' (also played by me) will be involved in several sketches all related to a common theme, However my skills are in Graphic Design not...
  7. Volterink

    Request Looking for Thumbnails

    Hi yttalk members, I was wondering whether there is anyone that would be able to make youtube thumbnails for me as I have no idea how to make them. The only problem would be that it would have to be free. If anyone is still interested, please let me know Thanks, Volt P.s. As I cant pay you, I...
  8. Sam Wolfie

    Finished/Closed [CLOSED] Banner Designer

    I'm looking for someone who is really good at making banners to make one for my channel. I don't have money but if there is something else I can do for you in return I'll do it
  9. T

    Request Asking For Long-Term Graphics Designer!

    Hey everyone I am looking for a long-term graphics designer to help me along with my channel! I am currently at just over 60 subs after doing yt for about a week and a half. I am looking for thumbnail creator and possibly a video editor for my long-term yt potential. I would be inclined for...
  10. FestusFX

    Omg 100+ Subscribers in 2 days

    Thank you guys, I love every subscriber :) I just made my channel 2 days ago and now 2 days later it reached 100+ Subscribers I'm really proud and it was really fast I think. But I also work really hard so I think it's ok Stay Awesome
  11. PennaDSGN

    Enter The Gungeon!!

    Hey all, This is my first video (of many hopefully) on my YouTube channel. It's only short as I want to see what sort of response I get, hopefully it'll be a good one. I encountered Winchester and he gave me... Well a lovely gift. Check out the video, leave a like if you like it and subscribe...
  12. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Seeking an intro/outro designer!

    Hi guys, I'm a small channel looking to grow as a Let's player. I'm seeking out a designer for a into and possible logo re-design. Please drop me a message via my advertised email! Oh btw I'm willing to comission as well, depending on rate!
  13. Omnicide

    Services Get Custom Professional Logos and Banners (GFX) Made TODAY!

    Hey there im a Graphics Designer and I'll make you a high quality custom logo/banner etc. (piece of advertisement) for a small fee usually no more than $4.99. You can find examples of my work on my sellfy: VectorDesigns Feel free to contact me on if interested...
  14. Dylan Roberts

    Request Looking for GFX designer on eSports COD team

    Hi all, Team Curse DE is a recently established eSports Team, with Marco (Aveeq) being captain. Marco has served Team Kaliber, Denial, NV, UX etc and is looking for a GFX designer on the team. We are looking for a high quality, highly experience designer who is willing and ready. And yes, you...
  15. M

    Services [Buy Intros!] (International) Professional, Introdesigner!

    Hi, I'm a german Introdesigner and I make Intros since many years! If you can pay with PayPal , you can buy a professional Intro from me. Examples: This Intro cost a bit more (about 350$) - This one cost about 150$ - This...
  16. D

    Request Looking for banner / Logo designer!

    Im just started YouTube and was wandering if anyone could make me a professional looking banner and or logo to better my channel.
  17. Amber lynx

    Request Need a banner

    I'm in need of a banner i have an idea I made my self but i need someone with some skills to make my vision come alive I'm offering yt cash payment