1. Darren Taylor

    Going Daily Seems To Be Working For Me

    Thought I would share some stats with you as it could help other small creators. I have been uploading daily for the last 10 days or so and it seems to be helping my channel. Views have increased by over 40% so far My small channel hit over 120 views per day now, which is a big deal for me...
  2. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog - Film Channel

    Hi Guys! I post frequent vlogs about my daily life and put a twist on them as a film-maker. Please stop by and let me know if you enjoy!
  3. Henry Sierra

    I got stood up...

    In this video I take you around campus, talk about a failed date, and get some funny shots!
  4. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog (Film-making)

    Hey everyone :) I have a daily vlog channel where I record my daily life. I am also a film-maker so I put a little spark on my videos. Subscribe and comment what you think ;)
  5. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hi guys, I post Daily Vlogs about my life and put a twist on them as a film-maker :) Here's a vid if you wanna stop by :)
  6. feyrerm

    Vlog Northeast PA Daily Vlogger

    Daily vlogger and comedy short channel looking for folks in the Philly, ABE Harrisburg areas to share ideas and cross promote. I have built a small following of very active viewers in less than 30 days, but vlogging is a lonely sport, and having others to collaborate with would be great. If you...
  7. Pat The Rat

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Do Some Collaborations With From Time To Time

    Hey everyone, I’m 19, and I’m a very new youtuber been at it about 2 weeks and a half. I have a relatively low subscriber count but I feel like my content is constantly getting better. I do gameplay/commentary montages where I splice clips up that I found funny so it’s not a “let’s play” and I...
  8. TammyTTalks

    Dutch vlogs!

    Hello everybody! I'm back! I decided to pick up youtube again but now I vlog in Dutch. I would love to know if there are Dutchies on this forum who would like to get in contact. Maybe I will pick up making video's in English again. I'm not sure yet. Would people be interested in Dutch vlogs...
  9. S

    Gaming Anyone want to collaborate

    Must Post similar content as me and have 60+ subs message me on PS4 my psn is FlawLeSSHunts thanks I have more games than I post.
  10. BrinoVlogs

    Vlog BrinoVlogs Wants to Collab (Ontario, Canada)

    SO guys, I have decided I will push my channel this summer and I am looking for people to Collab with. I've created a post to collab many times but not much replies. So I am a 18 yr old Canadian in Ontario Canada. Hit me up if you just want to chat or maybe discuss some possible ideas.
  11. Conncast

    Changing the Style+Upload Frequency Advice

    Hey there, I am looking for some advice on how to change my channell's general aesthetic, I am looking for something to match my profile picture yet still capture the essence of the cover photo I have, I am perhaps thinking putting down the emblems of X politicians featured on my cover photo in...
  12. Conncast

    Quality, Quantity, Both? Algorithm Chat

    Hello there, this is among my first posts on the site and I would like a little info from somebody who knows a little better than I do about the youtube algorithms and how they can be fully exploited for greater exposure. I will structure this post in a series of questions, many of which have...
  13. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking for GTA Girls

    Hi I'm JayWolf20, my Friend and I (yes we are girls) have been looking for other GTA girls to join our crew and maybe try to colab and record some GTA videos. We play GTA on xbox 360 and some other games to... It doesn't matter how many subs you have only if you have enough time to be playing...
  14. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming News Show! Great Week!

    So I just had a great week working on my new gaming news show and I wanted to post it SOMEWHERE to brag about how proud I was to pull it off. Check 'em out and learn about what's actually happening in gaming culture!
  15. rodgerswithad

    Has Anyone Done Daily Travel Vlogging?

    I'm about to go on a week long roadtrip and would like to do daily travel vlogs from the road. That brings up 2 things I haven't yet done: (1) Travel Vlogged, I'm used to being at/near home for gear (2) Daily vlogging, I usually upload twice a week. Does anyone have any tips, thoughts...
  16. Meredith Bryan


    Take a look at some of the decorations I've been picking up for fall and Halloween!! If you liked this video,,, hit the subscribe button :) Thank you!!!!
  17. Branden Morales


    Hey guys I have two cameras! one for my bigger videos and than a canon powershot for daily vlogs! I'm looking for opinions and advice on small daily vlog cameras (: I think its time for me to get a new one! (:
  18. DailyDrama

    Other New YouTube News Channel! Open for collabs and interviews

    Hey everyone! I have recently made a new YouTube channel and I have only done 2 videos so far. People have messaged me on twitter saying how much they love the videos but I need more people like them. Doing collabs with other YouTuber's that have good stories to tell or inside information is a...
  19. jjwickings

    What can I do to improve my content quality?

    I've been working pretty hard on my youtube stuff, but I'm just a little worried I'm not up to snuff. I really want to produce quality content, but I'm not sure where I might be going wrong. Here is a recent video I made that I had fun making and I thought was a good idea for a video: Thanks...
  20. HeppyG

    What are your daily recording routines?

    As the title says :p As for me, I normally get started with my recordings after having a good ol breakfast and a gift to us YouTubers called COFFEE!!!:thumbsup2: as I feel at my absolute best when the caffeine kicks in and I can start GOING HYPER!:dance:
  21. Bomber Brigade

    How many videos should you upload a day?

    It's a simple question lol. How many gaming videos should you upload per day? I've only been doing one video a day(mostly because of my poor upload speed). For starting out and trying to gain an audience is it better to just post one video or 2 per day? How many videos do other gaming...
  22. Occasional Vlog

    getting motivated and being brave. daily vlog #4

    We all get rattled by different things and for me that involves (pretty much anything) outside my home, for it is indeed where my heart is. But being brave is on my manifesto hence this crazy attempt at daily vlogging - so brave I will be. A small challenge for some, a big one for me so be...
  23. Occasional Vlog

    child free day and painting the deck. Daily Vlog #1

    Nothing like somebody saying you can't, to make you determined that you can. The first of our daily vlogs, come and join us for some occasionally mildly amusing but predominantly mundane family fun. EJ x
  24. UnaverageNorwegian

    Request [Free] Need background music for daily vlog

    Hi, im making a daily vlog about my adventures and life in general, i am kinda learning as i go and im getting more and more followers and likes. However. I am looking for a partner that want to make my vlogs background music, and possibly also a new intro. I would end my videos with your...
  25. and_the-teddy_bach

    The Notebook

  26. slayerkm

    April Showers!!! - Daily Vlog 401

  27. LRwF

    Screaming Babies on Airplanes

    I dont know how I manage it, but I have the worst travel luck. Seriously. This time I was sat next to a screaming and kicking 2 year old and still catching up on sleep! What is your worst travel story??
  28. Scheck

    Dentist AND Opticians Back to Back :(

    My least favourite way to start the day!