Other New YouTube News Channel! Open for collabs and interviews


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Hey everyone!

I have recently made a new YouTube channel and I have only done 2 videos so far. People have messaged me on twitter saying how much they love the videos but I need more people like them.

Doing collabs with other YouTuber's that have good stories to tell or inside information is a great way to grow both my channel and whoever I'm collaborating with, as my videos are centred around popular topics it's a great way to gain exposure.

If anyone fancies getting in touch leave a reply below or tweet me @DailyDramaNews



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Im totally bro.
I'm looking to collaborate with anyone any size? I have currently got 26 subscribers I don't mind what sort video we do you can check out my most recent video if you want.
what do I want to gain - youtube friend, to have fun, gain more exposure interact with more viewers
my channel is Chaos Empz w/ 26 subs.