daily vlogs

  1. Steven&Cilla

    Hit 10,000 Views!

    We just hit 10,000 Views on our channel! So excited to see the growth we’ve been getting since going daily consistently over the last 50+ days!
  2. Brettinator

    Tips on Motivation?

    Hey. I am new to the youtube daily vlogging. So new, that I haven't even started yet... The reason as to WHY I haven't started is because I am afraid I won't be able to keep up with the daily vlogs or I will get bored with it... I want to reach 1,000 subscribers but I know I can only do that if...

    Time Lapse Mowing, Whacking & Fire Hardcore Cleaning!

    I did tons of editing on this video! Hope you guys enjoy it. Any feedback will be appreciated. I'm getting a new camera soon! :)
  4. MadySan

    Wide Range Content?

    Hello! I created my channel for nail art videos but now I started uploading beauty related, lifestyle, comedy videos plus sometimes I post daily vlogs. Is my content range too wide for people to subscribe because they might not know what to expect frim me? Should I limit my channel to only one...
  5. Antonio Crisci

    Im a New Vlogger, Should I Have A Specific Intro?

    Hey Guys, I recently started vlogging my college life daily and Im wondering if I should have a specific intro for the vlogs or just start the day, if you can give me your opinions id really appreciate it!
  6. BubbleJunk

    Do you do daily vlogs?

    I'm thinking about doing daily vlogs or every other day. Only I'm not too sure what to talk about most of the time. Did you struggle starting vlogs and eventually get better at it? Did you always know what to talk about or pick random topics? Was it an actual vlog or did it vary like reaction...
  7. sofiaajs

    Vlog Need some formatting advice for a huge upcoming project

    Hello all! In two weeks I'll be embarking on an adventure to my hometown of Sydney (I live in the US right now) with my little sister. We're both minors so it is bound to be an interesting time. Now normally I'd refer to this as a "vacation", but we're basically going to be living there for a...
  8. NinjaNultrix

    Should I make a separate channel for daily vlogs?

    Hey guys! I'm currently struggling with my decision of choosing to making daily vlogs for my main channel or having a completely exclusive channel for uploading daily vlogs, what do you think? Thanks!