crew collab

  1. P

    Gaming Looking For Someone To join My Crew

    Hello, I'm PapiOx, And You Can Call Me Ox,And I'm 15, So I'm About To Make My New YouTube Channel, But Before I Do That, I Wanted To Form A Crew For Beginner To Join, Here's Are Few Requirements To Join The Crew: 1. Have Discord 2. Have A Mic (With No Echo, And Minimum Background Noise) 3. Can...
  2. Saderible

    Gaming PS4 Crew

    Need people to record with Requirements - be your self Games i Play - Overwatch - Dying Light - GTA5 - Killing Floor 2 - Rainbow Six Siege - Destiny - Watch Dogs 2 btw ive started a new channel
  3. SSXGreg97

    Gaming Looking for a Collab Crew for some weekly fun (mainly golf with friends or cards against humanity)

    Hi, I've already posted here before but, I'm both on console and now high-end PC. I just got it recently so I can play any game. Reason I'm doing this is because my channel needs to stay up hand between editing videos I capture (on the ps4) compared to ones we can simply record on pc like cards...
  4. Dread Chemical

    Gaming I'M BACK! Here to gather a collab (PS4)

    It has been a while since i last uploaded on my channel (For personal reasons) and i want to change that, so i wanted to do a collab on some games that i have whether i join a group or make one out of scratch. Note if you seen some of my videos (possibly not) i seem to have a group already, the...
  5. Nyze

    Gaming Looking for Collab Partners!

    I wanna create a team much like Vanoss' crew and SeaNanners' crew. I am really dedicated in making it somewhere in YouTube. Although I am 25 subscribers deep right now, I put work in my videos. I have no actual funny moments videos yet but that's because my channel went ups and downs in the past...
  6. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Looking for HQ group to record with!

    Hey my name is Shylyrushed (Drew) and im looking for a group of fellow tubers that want to record together and upload the footage to our respective channels giving different points of view. I play COD, Garrys mod, Overwatch, GTA, and warframe and more. I am 18 years old and am trying to produce...
  7. C

    Gaming Minecraft Xbox 360 Crew

    Hi im looking for a minecraft xbox 360 crew iv'e got 3 members already and if you join you will be on my friends list and when we record a video you will mute your self so only you can hear me unless were doing stuff like murder mystery, battle mode, and other mini games so please consider...
  8. FolaxGamingHD

    Gaming Looking for people over 13 age (please click!) (PC Gaming)

    Hey ummmmm... looking for some people to colab. im really into gmod. Its really fun and funny. Im into graphic design aswell. and other pc games aswell. and dw im not those kind of kids that you think i am...:):):)heres the link for my channeljust type in FolaxGamingHD on youtube for my channel
  9. ChasetotheFinish

    Gaming Long Term Xbox 360 GTA Online Colab (roleplays and More!)

    Hi I am a GTA Youtuber and I post Content every Tues. Weds. and Fri. If you play GTA V On the XBOX 360 and would love to be in my videos all you need it 200subs Min and be at least 14yrs old. I am excepting everyone that can fit in this crew! http:/ /socialclub. rockstargames .com/ crew/...