counter strike global offensive

  1. J

    How To Play CSGO On Browser (2021 Working)

  2. daniel burgio

    First Time CSGO Fail Montage

    I finally played CSGO and had to record it. Didn't entirely disappoint.
  3. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Road to Global Elite - Zero to Hero #6 (solo competitive)

    let me know what you think
  4. ceo Lorenzo


    Let me know what you think
  5. ceo Lorenzo

    Want To Aim Like a Pro? CS:GO Guide - How To Find Your Best Sensitivity (2017)

    Let me know what you think!
  6. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Gameplay - Funny & Insane Moments #4 (noscopes, ace, wallbangs)

    Let me know what you think!
  7. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Solo competitive - SoloQ (crisp clean locks bois)

    Let me know what you think!
  8. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Gameplay - Funny & Insane Moments #3 (Wallbangs, juan deags & more)

  9. Saadioz

    Gaming Looking for Collaboration 1-4 people (I have 70+ subs) (Counter Strike Global Offensive)

    Hello there! I am making Funny moment videos in Counter Strike, you make a similar content? Feel free to let me know. I am still in school, but I try to make videos as often as I can, I try to do atleast 1 video per week, but I'm trying to close that gap. I really love making youtube videos...
  10. M

    Gaming I am looking for someone to make videos with.

    I am open to most games. I am a college student so I don't have a lot of money to buy new games but am planning on buting Bf1. I would love to collaborate with anyone.
  11. BearlyFit

    Gaming PC Gamer collab and perm group

    Hey whats going on guys and girls? My name is BearlyFit or just Bear and today i come to you in search of some amazing people who want to be apart of a collab group. I already have the group established but we are looking for memebers who are active frequently and casn play for prolonged periods...
  12. PrimosPrime

    Dose anyone have any tips on how to get 50 subs quick

    My goal for the end of this December is to gain 50 subs. But its kinda hard since nobody really knows who i am and i don't really know how to promote my self leaving me stuck at 17 subs. that's why i need help if you have any tactics please reply to this post thank you :bounce:
  13. SuperYazz

    Constructive Criticism Please!

    Hey guys! I recently started YouTube and I just posted my first video! I will be posting more and I will try to be as consistent as I can possibly be. Can you guys watch it and give me some helpful feedback? Thank you, it really means a lot. This is a Counter Strike funny moments video. If...
  14. LuminousLive


    Hello there , my name is anthony and i want to record a video with YOU! first of all lets get right into the requirements -100 subscribers or more (can make exceptions) -good microphone -extrovert -outgoing personality -professinal channel branding PLEASE READ THE REST IF YOU WANT TO KNOW...
  15. S

    Gaming Collab multiple games, PC only, occasionally stream

    Hey guys. I want to do collaborative vids with a group of 3 - 5. Games: Rainbow 6 Siege PayDay 2 Cs:Go Cards against humanity Garry's Mod (sandbox, ttt, murderer, hide'n'seek, prop hunt, horror maps) CoD: WaW zombies (custom maps) CoD: BO II zombies Block and Load (not so much) REQUIREMENTS...
  16. T30R1

    1000 views :DDDDD

    1000 views and 33 subs, im really happy about this :D, i rly hope that i can reach 50 subs at the end of the summer :D. Ty to everyone who helped me! :D.
  17. T30R1

    30 subs finally :D!!

    Ty guys alot(if anyone actually subbed to my channel from here xD) for helping me reach 30 subs :D, i worked so hard for this and YT finally payed off :D.
  18. Limpbowl

    I want to make videos, but have no ideas

    Hi YouTubeTalk! I love making YouTube videos on my channel but I have one problem. I do play games like Garry's Mod (DarkRP), CS:GO and probably could play Black Ops 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5 on my channel. But when I want to make videos I can not think of things to do videos on. This happens...
  19. KLENK

    McDonald's Is Getting Boosted! | CS:GO Highlights Ep.3

    Helloooo there and thank you for checking out my thread :) Soooooo, after looking at some of the feedback I received from my previous CS:GO videos, I've made some changes in the editing. The first being that I've included some background music, to keep your ears occupied when either myself or...
  20. KLENK

    #FriendlyFireIsReal | CS:GO Highlights Ep.2

    Helloooo there and thank you for checking out my thread :) The next episode (Ep.2) of my CS:GO Funny Moments and Highlights series has just been uploaded to YouTube and I would really appreciate it if you Ladies and Gents could check it out and leave me some feedback. NOTE: I realize that...