1. P

    Other Seeking collaborators / co-hosts on a Pop Culture Roundtable Show

    Seeking a creative outlet? Interested in connecting with other cool and pleasant people who really knew their stuff. Passionate about a specific fandom? I'm looking to start a weekly pop culture round table YouTube show with a diverse, fun, well communicating, pleasant, reliable and...
  2. D

    Gaming Looking For Youtbers Streamers and Gamers (PC)

    Hello im a small youtuber with 45 subs and im the owner of a discord group! Im looking for people who want to have fun, play games, and do collabs! if you want to join all you have to do is have a ok mic, be minimum of 13 yrs old atleast 1 video every 1-2 weeks and be active. either join...
  3. Andros

    Voice Acting would like to do some voice acting

    hey how's it going guys. the names Andros,i would like to do some voice acting for an abridged dub or for something original, im open to anything. im into anime, comics and gaming
  4. The Nerd Encounter

    Other Popular Nerd FB Page Looks to Make a Fun Series Based around Marvel and DC Comics!

    Hey all we are "The Nerd Encounter", and as we approach 22,000 Facebook fans. We want to do more on our Youtube Channel. We are wanting to cover Marvel and DC Comics. Talk about new comics material as it comes out, of course movies and TV shows as well! In an informative but fun, weekly or...
  5. javacentral

    Feedback on a Superhero that runs on coffee?

    So I didn't really get this idea just from my vast googling use. It came to me from a wonderful person on one of the facebook groups I'm on and really exploded from there. I really did like doing this because I did it in a similar style to the Comicstorian. I would love any feedback you may or...
  6. KaziproductionsHD

    Please show my video some love , Top 10 Superman PUNCHES

  7. j12stones

    DC Comics Horsemen of APOCALYPSE!!!

  8. j12stones

    Top 5 Superhero RIVALRIES!!

  9. ComicDj

    Other Comic Book Channel seeking Collab!

    Hello everyone, I am seeking another comic book/ super hero channel to collab with. I currently had 439 subs and I am looking to collab with another channel with 300 + subs. I have extremely high energy and I would like to collab with something with a similar passion as myself. If you cover...
  10. thejaxsattack

    would love a review or feedback on my channel and my videos

    so my channel revolves around comics and pop culture movies video games ect. and I just want some feed back on how my videos come across to an un expecting eye I have felt like I have found my voice in recent videos and am wondering if you guys would have some feed back on my get up. thank you...
  11. Cruzio Caesar

    Saga Comic Review. Epic Sci-fi at it's best

    Hey guys, If your into comics and are thinking about a new title to pick up, check out my review of the Saga series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.
  12. VloggingRonnie


    Fun project. Now it's almost too nice to ride. Almost.