comedy collab

  1. Cameron Arnold

    Comedy New Skit Videos

    I don't care how many subs you got I just want to make something hilarious people can laugh at if u want to collab with me all you have to do is 1. Be 100% Commited of doing this collab, 2. Have a good camera Message me on Twitter:@Cameron9Arnold or gmail I'm Available on...
  2. Frankie95


    Hey! My name is Faisal and my channel name is FrankobizTV. I'm looking for people who live, eat, breathe youtube in San Diego area. I'd prefer if you were 18-25 years of age(I'm 22). I was hoping, if we were to start collabing, to grind like never before. What I'm looking to do is challenges...
  3. GucciCarry

    Gaming PC Collab

    Hello everyone. I'm a gaming/comedy youtuber with over 2,400 subscribers and counting. I really enjoy making people laugh and brightening up their days. I'm looking for a couple people who are interested in doing collabs. My requiremarents are - Must be 16+ - Must be mature. - Must have a...
  4. ucandp

    Comedy Western NY or Ontario?

    Any Western New Yorkers that aren't to far from the border or Canadian side up to Toronto to collab? I have a comedy channel with 191 subscribers and a vlog channel with 23 subscribers. Either one! Working together as a community is how a lot of big Youtubers made it. Let's collab!
  5. TheAlphaBond

    Comedy Looking for a collab in London

    Hey guys, I have a channel which aims to make people laugh through doing mainly skits and challenges, but my main aim is to make skits...So far the channel is going really good considering its only been around 2 months but I'm now looking for YouTubers based in London who are into making funny...
  6. Christian B Productions

    Meet Up/Gathering VIDCON: Hangout or Collab With Me.

    Ayo, so as you may know vidcon is coming up in 2 days. If you want to hangout with me or collab with me just hit me up on here. Or on Twitter&Instagram. Twitter: @cbowers08 Instagram: @itsmechrisyt Just FYI: Im a youtuber with 12,000 subscribers and I do DIYS and COMEDY videos. I will be...
  7. DudeitsNeely

    Comedy Looking For collab for a comedy skit im shooting.

    Im shooting a skit. I am working on the script right now. The person I collab with will be shooting there scene on there side. We both will be on the phone for the skit. So looking for someone that has a decent camera and microphone set up, so I can match my side with it easier.
  8. Malasia

    Comedy Looking for a comedy based channel to collab with!!!

    Anyone ranging from 250-500 subs I would love to collab for a funny sketch I´m planning on posting in April. I would write the script and email you your part and you can also contribute to the script if you want.
  9. Tameikame

    Comedy HEY YOU! Wanna collab with me?

    What's up everyone! I make comedic skits/music videos on my channel and was wondering if anyone out there would like to collab. I'm hoping to cross promote with other youtubers who have similar audience numbers (roughly 300+). But if you make great videos and don't have that many viewers, no...
  10. Uncle Sonky

    Comedy Comedian & Actor Looking to Collaborate (Los Angeles) (2017)

    Hey fellow Youtubers, My name is LaVelle LaRue. I live in Los Angeles. I have a youtube channel that I just started up and looking to collaborate with some very funny people. Don't be shy let's make this happen together people.
  11. R

    Comedy Sup guys! Anyone want to collab?!

    Just started out on Youtube and quite a fan of comedy skit type videos or challenge videos of that sort, anyone interested hit me up!
  12. Sneezy_bih

    Comedy Christmas song!!

    hey everybody, I run a comedy channel and was thinking about doing a funny 12 days of Christmas song, if you want to help join in you can write me on kik youngpapi03
  13. Malasia

    Comedy Anyone interested in a comedy sketch Christmas video?

    I'm thinking of doing a Christmas comedy sketch and am looking for other channels who specialize in comedy to collab with me
  14. C

    Comedy YouTube Drama Skit Collaberation

    I cool new skit idea and need help pulling it off. I just need people to send me videos of them roasting my channel to simulate YouTube drama if your interested reply or message me on YouTube on one of these Channels ScumCuckler or ShockHumorTV I will send you clips of me roasting your channel...
  15. Frankie95

    Comedy Collab... 100+ subs

    I'm looking to collab with someone around my area in San Diego or perhaps LA(not quite keen). Basically I make videos similar to that of Joe Sugg's, Caspar Lee, Oli White....etc but I'm not english. I've only started like 3 months ago and since summer is coming up I'd like to expand my youtube...
  16. Allison Chambers

    Beauty/Makeup Want to do a collab?

    Hey guys my name is Allison! I'm looking to connect with more people in the YouTube community and I want to do a collab!! I make beauty, lifestyle,comedy, and fashion videos Please comment if you are interested and you can also email me at Type makeupisahobbie07 into...
  17. Jessy

    Comedy Collab in florida?

    Hey guys!! My name is Jessica! I just started making youtube videos, and i'm looking for some cool people to collaborate with. I like to make all sorts of different types of videos. I really don't care as long as we have fun making them. I'm located in Florida so message me if you're interested...
  18. themoosan

    Vlog Anyone wanna collab?

    hi I'm the themoosan, I have 62 subs with about 1000 views. I'm starting to vlog now! Anyone want to do a collab where we put parts of each other's videos together? So like half the video is me and the other half is you! Anyone wanna give it a try? :)
  19. TWIG gainzzz

    Comedy looking to collab with someone to start a fake youtube drama

    ok yeah tell me if you are interested but basically i want to pretend to start a fake argument on youtube with another youtube and we can throw arguments back and forth at each other but we can organis it secretly as a joke and just attempt to grow our channels together by making viewers wanna...