collab 100 subs

  1. WillumYT

    Gaming Looking for Funny Friends/Collab!!

    Hi my name is Willum and I lack a lot of friends that play video games, I'm looking for people that have access to a lot of different games like Gmod, The Forest, Phasmophobia, Minecraft, ECT. Time zones also have to collide well as I am Central Standard Time. I currently play games either by...
  2. Willum

    Gaming Looking for some Minecraft FRIENDS! :)

    Hey I'm a new Minecraft Content Creator, been playing the game for almost eleven years now, I'm a Canadian so I already know I'll be told I have a accent lol Looking for some people who love Minecraft as much as I do, someone I can become friend with and get to know as the only friends I have...
  3. SaifRom

    Gaming collaboration request.||+18||chill and fun

    Hi! i'm Saif. I'm a small time youtuber from tunisia with 62 subs and i've been neglecting my yt channel quite a bit due to my studies. so , i'm looking to get back into the game since i have a 2 week vacation. my youtube channel is ...
  4. Wesugoi

    Gaming looking for people to collab with

    Hi, I've been working on videos for the past year and made over 100+ videos (they're all edited) despite that. I would love to play with some people that have a youtube channel as well so we could "work together" somehow and have the FUN of course. - so dm me if you're interested in twitter...
  5. Jaayzilla Gaming

    Gaming Looking for COLLABS and STREAMING friends!!!!

    Looking to Start streaming and posting youtube videos on pretty much any game. Who wants to collab, join my discord. Heres my youtube: Shoot me a message!!!!
  6. A

    Comedy Anyone wanna COLLAB?

    Hey guys! I'm Amanda. I'm a small youtuber from Hong Kong (255 subs and 6519 views). I make different types of video such as vlogs, magic tricks, comedy, tutorials. Just looking for someone to collab. This is my channel link Comment down...
  7. P

    Gaming Looking for someone with good quality videos with around 100-1000 subs to do a collab with! (Must play FivemRp)

    If interested I can send you my channel
  8. Dibge

    Gaming Looking to Join or Create a Gaming Crew

    Hey I am a small YouTuber with around 30 subs. I’m looking to create or join a gaming collab crew. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, just comment your discord and we’ll get in touch! I am looking to grow with and help out anyone who wants to join. That includes collabs, making intros...
  9. Currcam68

    Gaming PC COLLAB

    I am currently looking for people ages 18+ to do gaming videos with each other. must have at least 100 SUBS MY CHANNEL :
  10. W

    Gaming Collab

    Im looking to collab with people so that we both grow and introduce both our audiences to eachother! If your interested then hit me up and we can discuss how to go about it, I make storytime videos and also Modern Warfare gaming videos. - Woody
  11. W

    Storytime Collab

    Youtube channel - Im looking to collab with people so that we both grow and introduce both our audiences to eachother! If your interested then hit me up and we can discuss how to go about it, I make storytime videos and also Modern Warfare gaming videos...
  12. A

    Vlog .

  13. M

    Gaming looking for people to stream and record games with.

    Hey everyone. Im looking for people to record and stream with. My Channel is MellishGaming requirements: Have Discord (Add me, MellishGaming#9650) Have a youtube channel and be active on it. Please please please have good microphone quality. no background noise Have at least 1 of these games...
  14. kevintracy

    Vlog Need Videos for funny Press Conference video

    Hey all! I recently started taking my YouTube stuff a little more seriously (start of the year) and I'm about to hit the meager 100 subs milestone. To celebrate, I'm going to hold a funny press conference where my subscribers and other YouTubers ask ANY question. If it's a YouTuber, I'm going...
  15. S

    Hit 3K views on a vid with under 50 subs

    What’s up everyone I hit 3k views on my video of a duplication glitch on rdr2 online! I just started my channel and was wondering if anyone would wanna collab I’m off to a good start now but need more clout to get started!
  16. Senevids

    Gaming If you make content similar to Markiplier or Jacksepticeye I would love to collab!

    I have been having a blast on Youtube with my channel, Senevids, making videos similar to mark or jack (webcam, variety gaming, love laughing!) and would love to collab with someone who makes quality videos similar to them! I'm around 150 awesome subscribers at the moment so if you're around...
  17. Dawayne West

    Comedy LETS COLLAB!!

    I'm currently working on a voice over parody of the show chowder and I was wondering if there was anyone willing to collab with me I will most defiantly shout you out. If your interested you can talk to me on instagram dsparks5898 or message me directly on youtube. Thanks in advance!!
  18. Des_Leah

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for my Homies

    Hey guys! Looking for some lovely people to collab with and make some friends. If you're interested, reply back here or DM me in IG @Des_Leah. Hope to see you all soon, thanks!
  19. T

    Gaming Looking for a few people to record video games on pc with!

    Hi, my name is Martin and I am 17 years old. I am enjoying making gameplays on youtube. I think I would have more fun with more people. I am not the ice breaking type thou. Right now i have a shity computer so i can not play the newest games my microphone is not the best either but i am looking...
  20. It's The Kid_YT

    Gaming First Collaboration

    Hello everyone, The Legend has Awoken and i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm making this post because I want to do my very 1st collaboration. Now I'm a 17 year old Youtuber and a Twitch Streamer(My channels will be in under this post) On Youtube, I have 102 subscribers and on Twitch...
  21. LuminAdler

    Gaming A PC Gaming Collab

    Looking to collab on PC games, as if the thread name and category wasn't enough of a give away for that, haha I am LuminAdler, have 211 subscribers and looking to collab with those who have 100+ subs themselves and have maybe 50+ videos uploaded shall we say?, not tied to any one particular...
  22. W

    Gaming Looking For ACTIVE Gaming Youtubers! (PC,Xbox) (Discord)

    hey Guys! here is a link to the video that sums everything up! (I cant Post URL's on this, so go to: Youtube>WingsOfRush (White Logo with leaves in the wings)> And my newest DISCORD video :)) I make funny moments videos and my friends and i are looking for new people to play games with! My...
  23. K

    Vlog Looking for Collab near Atlanta Ga

    Hey guys i'm currently approaching 100 subscribers in the 3 months I have been on youtube and I'm very passionate about it. I make travel videos, vlogs, and cinematic videos. If anyone is interested in collaborating near Atlanta or has another idea, just leave a reply and we can talk about it...
  24. M

    Gaming Looking for long term collabs. (A Crew)

    Hey Everyone. Before I begin id like to go over some requirements I have for my crew. Good Microphone quality - No background noise or static. 100+ Subscribers - With at least 10 views per video. No getting back to YouTube channels - No "took a break and now im back" *LONG TERM BREAKS* 18+...
  25. Niya

    Comedy Looking to do a collab w/ another small youtube!!!

    Honestly not looking for anything specific but someone funny. Check out my channel and let me know if you are interested!!! <3
  26. BayleyCollins

    Music Looking for people to lipsync with

    I need other youtuber to send me videos of them lipsyncing to perm original by Bruno Mars and ill give you credit in the video. Contact me at
  27. G

    Gaming PS4 Player Looking to have fun collabing with chill friends and make comedic videos

    Hey I'm GamesLikesFraschy and I have a YouTube channel with 50 subs or so, I'm 17 and going into summer vacation with a good desire to have the most fun possible laughing with new friends and making videos that others will enjoy. I just bought my first elgato and I have free time now every...
  28. Queen Deona

    Vlog Small youtuber Collab

    I am looking for a small youtuber who would like to collab . My channel is really versatile and I am open to different ideas about what the collab would be. Let me know if you are interested.
  29. LaVelleLaRue

    Comedy Let's Just Collab!

    OK FIRST OFF I DON'T CARE HOW MANY SUBS YOU HAVE 0 - 1,000,000 I want to have fun period. I don't care where you're located we can make it work. If your down to hustle and make your dreams come alive like I am well LET'S GO! If you're not in the USA that's ok too. I have some skype ideas we can...
  30. Verny

    Music RnB, HIPHOP Artist interested in BEATS

    Are there any RnB Singers, Rappers or Reggae artists intersted in collaborations. As long as I get referenced and credited for the song I have no problem with the collab. Must have that ability to swag a song. Be creative and enjoy.