Hello everyone, The Legend has Awoken and i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
I'm making this post because I want to do my very 1st collaboration. Now I'm a 17 year old Youtuber and a Twitch Streamer(My channels will be in under this post)
On Youtube, I have 102 subscribers and on Twitch, I have 92 followers. And i want to grow with someone
Now currently i stream Call of Duty and Warframe
I'm looking for someone who can be loud, energetic, entertaining and informative
I'm also looking for someone who is around 100-200 subs(but if you are higher than this then you're welcomed too. Im just tryna start around my range.
So yea if you may be interesting in growing with me Let me know
My PSN is Super-Swine23

Also if you are interested in the collaboration, check out my channels for more information about me: